In between shoe sizes, what helps?

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  1. Ive been looking for a pair of lace ups that can go from dressy to casual and I found a pair..!

    The problem is, I'm a true 6.5 but the sizing seems to be a little off (runs wide, narrow toe box) because the 6 feels a tad short, toe box is narrow but width is ok. The 6.5 feels ok length wise but when I walk my heel slips out. The SA said i should go with the 6 but it just felt too short. She then said a pad might work and I thought maybe heel grips might help?

    The shoes are great but I don't want to get a pair that won't fit whatever I do because i will end up not wearing them. If anyone can help with what works when shoes are less than a half size too big and share their experience.

  2. Ive always found putting in an insole works
  3. Always go for the bigger size :yes:
  4. get the bigger size and put heel grips in.

    or don't get the shoes and look for similar ones that fit.
  5. I dunno when it comes to heels Id rather one be a lil to tite then to loose!!!! To loose is really annoying!!1
  6. Try a heel grip & see if it helps or works
  7. I would go with the bigger size and try heel grips. You can try them on at home (just don't stick the grips to the shoe) and walk around on carpet. If they don't work, look for a brand that fits better. I damaged my feet by wearing too tight shoes because I have narrow heels that slip out of most shoes so I would size down. Keep trying, and don't settle!
  8. I would maybe try one of those half insoles to sit under the ball of your foot, I've found them better as they push your foot back in to the heel. You can then add a heel grip if you still need it. Just depends on how much room you have in the toe box and how much slippage you need to overcome.
  9. Most of the time shoes stretch quite a bit. So do keep that in mind while getting your pair. Quite a few of my shoes that were snug when I bought them need insoles now to keep them on.
  10. This is why when I buy heels especially pumps I always go for to tite over to loose!!
  11. Thanks everyone. I tried the shoes on with insoles and heel grips but the fit was still off so I passed. Decided it was too much work to get shoes to should be comfortable! Will keep looking..