In a sea of orange...

  1. Hi gals and guys!
    I'll just get right to it! On Saturday i visited the lovely Hermes Alaska and talked to the guy with the fur outfit.

    THEN a little something orange this way come!

    NO striptease! She wasn't shy! :heart: She likes to be naked!

    HERE they are!!!

    Introducing Miss Potiron Birkin 35 in Togo with p/h! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    The orange scarf, i've had for a while, i just thought i'd show her off.

    AND the Au Coeur de la Vie scarf is from the guy with the fur suit. (Dude, it's COLD in Alaska!!)

    AND then pics of my collection so far, excluding my orange Tohu Bohu Twilly which was upstairs.

    DSCF3047.jpg DSCF3046.jpg DSCF3049.jpg
  2. Oh, its beautiful! Congrats!!
  3. More!! lalalalala!
    DSCF3048.jpg DSCF3052.jpg DSCF3053.jpg
  4. some more!
    DSCF3054.jpg DSCF3055.jpg DSCF3060.jpg
  5. LAST one! The whole family!

    Thank you, Rose!!! :0)
    Everything is beautiful, especially that Potiron Birkin!!! YOWZA!:graucho::heart::heart::heart:
  7. Congrats! What a great haul! Stunning colorway of Au Coeur de la Vie
  8. Congrats on your beautiful new bag and scarves. I love a birkin who just takes it all right off!
  9. Thank you, Jag!!! :heart::heart::heart:
    I carried her around all day today in my house. lol

    Thanks, mizzle! lol She's a bit of a .....mmm.... slut. hahaha

    Thanks, tods! They had the orange and light pink, also, but i just loved the blue colorway.
  10. The Potiron and blue scarf look great together! Nice contrast! Potiron is definitely one of thos colors you have to see IRL! Just so warm and strokable!
  11. Oh, thank god!! someone bought something!! lol.

    It's beautiful. Congratulations! Very exciting.
  12. congratulations.
    yummy orange!
  13. Beautiful I love Potiron!!:woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: The scarfs are lovely too:heart:
  14. WOW! She's stunning...congratulations and enjoy!
  15. OMGoodness.. I love it...potiron togo..super yummy!!!!