Impulse purchases!


May 24, 2013
Northern Virginia
Usually I'll stalk a bag for months or at least weeks, but tell me about the bags you bought 24 hours or less after first seeing them. Success and horror stories welcome!

I ask because I just bought this beauty -

Bleecker Daily Shoulder Bag in leather. I had NO IDEA this existed before last night. But it's perfect for what I need - a pretty, but flat purse I can carry when I go on that cross-country trip next week. I needed something to carry my essentials in that was bigger than a swingpack or the tiny-wallets-with-straps that some of the smaller purses are. Usually I am fine with Mini Tanners, but packing one in a suitcase is a bit of a pain, since I don't want it to lose its shape. But this will hold my wallet and phone and medicines and ipod and basically everything I keep on my person because I am paranoid about people breaking into cars and hotel rooms. (Paranoia has worked really well for me in the past.)

And it's FLAT. Going right on top, simple as pie! Because we'll be in different hotels each night and I'll have to repack and repack and ugh I am tired already.

I probably should have gone over to the store and tried it out first, but it's a holiday weekend and it's snowing and they didn't have black in stock and if I ordered online I could use PayPal and now it seems e bates is a bad word and man I hope it gets here before I leave on Saturday.

I hope it works for me, I'm a tad worried about how thin that strap is and how it will look with things actually in it.

But! The only other bag I remember buying on impulse was this beauty on the right -

Legacy Haley in Bright Coral. Saw her on FOS last summer and just went for it. When she came in I LOVED her - something about that bright coral. I usually hate orange, but this was so vivid and seemed to have some kind of hot pink tone? Of course, once you put it next to other bags it looks orange but on its own she was such a gorgeous color. I loved wearing her with a dress and sandals - such a great summer bag!

But alas, once I got a Bright Coral Mini Tanner I stopped carrying Haley, and now she is going to live with my aunt as a present. (A fake orange MK with studs was pressed upon her by another relative and fell apart soon after, so I'm replacing it. It will be a fun work bag for her.)

So! Tell me about your impulse purchases. Did you live happily ever after with them, or did they go back?
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Dec 28, 2013
I saw these bags and they are luscious in person. Great size. I don't know, for me, about the flatness of it. Can you run by the store and try it out with the things you might carry in it? Do they have any colors? I just carry stuff that would be bulky. My sunglasses alone. For the intended purpose, i think you have picked a wonderful piece though!

I have a few impulse buys, but I don't impulsively cut tags. I take the bag home and think about it, if it was an impulse and I'm still questioning myself. We live a little more than an hour from the store and it's not an easy place to just run over and pick it up. I could order online, but I like being able to see what I'm getting and I like being able to bring it home. Honestly, ordering online would probably be better because of the 'rebate'.

I know that didn't help much. Sorry! :smile:


Apr 30, 2013
Most stuff I buy I buy on impulse. Sometimes I debate for a bit but and usually just buy it right then and there. Couple of bags I bought even though I never thought about them or even saw them in real life. For example Floral Kara Maggie, I just grabbed it because it was cheap on sale, less than 100 bucks LOL I didn't even know it was FP item. When it came in I about die how much I love it, it is a GORGEOUS summer bag. Very roomy too.
Jul 17, 2008
cognac Molly - and I am really glad I did! When I saw Molly in FP, I wasn't impressed. I think I was bummed because I wanted a Rory, and Rory just didn't work on me. When I saw Molly at the outlet, I tried her on, and it was love. I was actually stalking a marine Haley at the time, but Molly went home with me. The cognac color is TDF!


Sep 10, 2012
308 Negra Arroyo Lane
Impulse success---American Icons Tote in Chocolate, was such a great deal in the clearance section on FOS, I just couldn't pass up a brown bag with Legacy leather and big tassels! Weird thing is, I carry without the tassels....they kinda get in the way...

Impulse success--Legacy Studded Clutch in saddle, haven't had a casual clutch since I was in college, fell head over heels when I saw this on FOS and I just ADORE this bag! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Holds more than one might imagine.

Impulse not so success--Madison Tote in black. I really never had eyes but thought I 'd like it cause it was black/brass. Loved the chain straps, but no...didn't work...


Jun 18, 2011
Most of what I buy at outlet is an impulse buy.

Today was: Madison Mini satchel (orange spice) small sadie (violet) lizard embossed sadie (indigo). Don't need any, love the 2 smaller bags, don't know wtf I was thinking!


Dec 7, 2011
I'm trying to think of what's not an impulse buy for me! 90% of what's in my collection are impulse buys. Only a few are pre-thought out. I'm selective on my purchases, but at the same time I'm a "buy now, think later" person when I know the return policy is good. Today I bought a studded leather poppy flight bag from fos & I didn't "research" it beforehand.


May 11, 2009
Just bought this from the factory online site. I don't usually buy more than SLGs from coach and I've never set eyes on this bag before today so we'll see how this works out



Jul 12, 2013
I usually deliberate and deliberate before I buy a bag (spent a week deciding on a duffle before going for the black cherry, and about a month looking at Phoebes before getting one). Even then, sometimes a bag doesn't work out for me!

However I have two (Coach) impulse purchases I can think of, both which were on sale. (And both bought on trips to the US - so returning was not an option!)

1. A signature swingpack in silver/grey (can't remember what style it was). I love it, but there aren't many occasions where a swingpack comes in handy for me as it's a bit too small! And haven't used it at all since I switched to an accordion zip wallet last year, as now my wallet doesn't fit in it...

2. A marine duffle (in my avatar). This was a completely unanticipated purchase since I already had a duffle (and was in fact in the store to look at the saffiano totes...), but it was going for a good price and I really liked the colour so... Anyway I love this and have gotten tons of use out of it - in fact I was just carrying it earlier today!


Unintentional Trendsetter...
May 7, 2012
My Archival Rambler in Carnelian. I was at the outlet, and my bff spotted it. I snatched it up and bought it. (She offered, I didn't snatch it from her, lol) It really is a great bag! I am glad I got it.


Jan 7, 2010
San Diego
I just bought that bag, the new flat one : ), on Friday. I had no idea I needed it either but it's really a cool bag because it's a great size, it can be worn 3 ways (shoulder, crossbody, and clutch), and it's really cute once it has stuff in it. Very simple and clean. I really like it, hope you do too! I like your idea about taking it on trips. As a matter of fact there was another lady who bought one while I was in the store and she said she needed a bag to take to Vegas and this one fit the bill perfectly.


Jul 24, 2013
Not quite the same scenario, but Riley (especially in Love Red).

I saw several photos of Riley online and thought "meh, it's ok, don't like how the top seems so open." I saw pictures of bags in Love Red and again thought "meh"; neither seemed to quite click with me. Then I went to the store, tried on Love Red Riley, and bought both that and the two tone python. Now arguing with myself about whether I need the peach rose too. :lecture:


Jan 8, 2014
My black cherry Park hobo was bought impulsively. I was at my parent's house and my mom logged into FOS so we could look around (they will never invite me for some reason, and I've signed up a few times) and I saw the hobo there for a good price. I debated maybe 15 minutes before deciding to buy. I've been very happy with it, I've been carrying it since I got it. Out of my 6 coach bags, 2 were purchased without much thought before hand, but I love them all.


May 11, 2013
Just bought this from the factory online site. I don't usually buy more than SLGs from coach and I've never set eyes on this bag before today so we'll see how this works out
Hi finer-woman, how did the plum bag work out? I loved it on the FP site but wasn't paying attention on the factory site. Hope it's amazing!


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Dec 18, 2009
Just bought this from the factory online site. I don't usually buy more than SLGs from coach and I've never set eyes on this bag before today so we'll see how this works out
Hi finer-woman, how did the plum bag work out? I loved it on the FP site but wasn't paying attention on the factory site. Hope it's amazing!
I saw this bag at the outlet (40% off) yesterday, it's stunning!