Impulse on cleaning? =(

  1. Okay, so I've been doing this quite often now and I'm kicking myself for it-I've have second thoughts, but bid anyway because I just have to have it and then actually read all of the auction and look at the pictures closely AFTER the auction is over.

    My impulse buy: eBay: AUTHENTIC COACH LEGACY STRIPE TOP HANDLE POUCH 40245 (item 190089337557 end time Mar-11-07 18:31:19 PDT)

    I've never used any of the coach cleaners or tried to clean any of my bags before but looking at the stain on this bag I know I will have to do something about it when it comes in.

    Any advice on how to clean this type of fabric ladies and what I can use to clean it?
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    I wonder what it is on there....

    I'm apprehensive because I ordered a used bag less than a month ago and when it came in it so wasn't as clean as the pictures. It was so bad, I was embarrassed to carry it.

    Can someone tell me that it doesn't look too used, too dirty and that the price is okay? If it looks like the pics when it comes on, I'll be happy. In the meantime I'm worried. -(
  2. I don't think you are supposed to use coach cleaner on that type of fabric. It looks like make up,which can be tricky. You could try the facial cleansing cloths made to remove make up. The stain is on the back so maybe it won't be noticeable. Very cute bag! Hope everything works out.
  3. I know that fabric since I have the Coach Striped Legacy Folded wristlet.
    It's silky and can pill if pulled at!
    I would try a baby wipe on a SMALL area and see how that works first!

    I was watching that!
    Let us know how you do!
  4. You can also contact Coach for advice on how to clean this particular type of bag, if no care cards are provided with your purchase. good luck!
  5. It looks pretty good to me....I'm pretty sure I bought one of my Coach bags from them and they were very nice when I emailed them about a missing rhinestone (Lady Bug Bag)....they gave me a little refund. Great deal by the way!
  6. I contacted Coach via email about cleaning some specific bags. I gave them the style number and they responded and told me EXACTLY how to clean each bag!!

    Very good customer service! I suggest you do that! Even attach a picture if necessary!

  7. Also, take note. There seems to be a number of stains according to the description on the auction. So make sure you find out from Coach about all the areas of the bag since you will be dealing with different materials!

  8. It looks to me like its some type of make-up. I would try Tide To Go...use it very gently though. Good luck!
  9. It looks like it might be the same type of fabric that the scarf print is made of... I have the scarf print and am able to clean by damping a cloth and putting clothes detergent on it.
  10. Thank you for that. I sent them an email, hopefully I will hear back soon.
  11. Here's the response I got:

    How Vague.
    I guess I will go off of what you ladies recommended although I must admit, I'm scared to do anything with it once it comes in. :sad:
  12. Try some shout sprayed onto a WHITE cloth, and try rubbing the spots out (try on a small spot first). I did this to my legacy striped wristlet and it looked great. An SA at the outlet suggested it.