Impromptu shopper ("I'm-not-a-canvas-bag") - pics inside!

  1. Take a large scarf:

    knot knot (x 6):
    [​IMG] voilá!

    Finished with shopping? Roll it up, feed it to the "fish":
    [​IMG] it in:

    ...clip it on a bag:
    ...and Bob's your uncle.

    (Don't shriek at me, NO HARM was done to the scarf - remember, Hermes silk is very strong! :yes: I just un-knotted it afterwards.
    Having said that, I think I'll use my other scarves for this at the moment, as I need my Hs around my neck... at least, until June. Ireland is a very cold place!!! ;))
  2. This looks really intriguing, beautiful, and a lot cheaper than a Silky Pop bag. I'm going to go try it....

    Beautiful scarf, by the way. Thanks for the tip!
  3. I bhave that scarf in Blue friponne, its gorgeous. It ties like a dream.
    What is that "fish" object in your pics???
  4. great idea!!! im gonna go try it!!!
  5. Oh my, that's so cute! Not shrieking at all, unlike my reaction to Jane Birkin's stampede on her eponymous bag.

    Yes, like Birkin123 said, so much cuter than a whatsitsname pop.

    I love that pouch... I thought it was H!
  6. This looks SO professional. Fantastic idea. Ahhh... and the baguette! :love:

    Where can I get one of those cute "fish"? Balenciaga has a similar one, but it reminds me of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome...
  7. i suspect friponne made the "fish" :graucho:
  8. So cute!!! Love the colors of the scarf.
  9. Thanks!!! :flowers:

    Raz, your Vénerie must be beautiful:love:, I wish mine was blue too! This was my first H ever (and I thought 'one will do' - how foolish I was?!:lol:)

    Well, the fishy-thingy: the scarf-shopper kept schlepping around all over the place in my handbag, so I thought it needed a pouch. Then a few more...

  10. What an idea!
  11. :wtf::wtf::wtf: Friponne! True?
  12. This is a great idea friponne!! Love the fish. Where did you get the case?
  13. Love the fish! What is it meant to be, a coin purse? I like it a lot!
  14. Wow, I love that scarf design!
  15. Looks so chic!
    Thanks for sharing!