Impossible to find Sandstone RH Part Time...

  1. Has anyone seen this combo...PT with RH? It seems like sandstone is sold out everywhere, especially in this combo. If anyone comes across this in their shopping please let me know. I live in Georgia so there are not hardly any stores that carry Balenciagas, and I am hesitant to order over the phone because most SAs that I speak with barely know the product! ANy help you could provide woulf be very appreciated. Thanks
  2. I saw a Sandstone RH part time at Nordstrom Arden Fair in Sacramento last night. The number is 916-646-2400 if you are interested. If you call, please ask for Patrice or Claudette, both are great!
  3. Thank you so much, I will call first thing this morning! I will be sure to let you know if I get it!
  4. One on eBay now ;)
  5. I ordered it from Norstrom, thank you so much! I will ost pics when I get it. Isn't it crazy how there have been no sandstones for months and now there are some...I guess that it just the way it goes!