Importing to the USA?

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  1. Hi, I am a total ebay newbie. I am considering buying a bag from someone overseas and I'm researching the whole customs process. One thing I don't understand, having never done this before...WHEN do you actually pay customs? Is it when the driver shows up at the door with your package? Do you hand over the customs fee to the delievery guy? :confused1:

    I have also read that using different carriers makes it more or less likely that you will end up paying customs. Can anyone share information about this?

    Any importing info appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  2. if its sent via fedex you will get the bill about a week after you receive the delivery, unsure of other carriers, i know over here (uk) i had to pay on delivery a few times, on another occasion i had to pay before i had the delivery .
    you may even get lucky and get away with it !
  3. I live in the US and have purchased many items from international sellers over the years - I have personally never paid customs fees for anything (cross my fingers and knock on wood for the bag I currently have on it's way to me from the UK:happydance:).
    Unless I am buying from a country that can sometimes be "known to have 'problems' with their customs employees, etc..." I will just have my items shipped through the regular 'priority' mail system, and every time - without fail - my wonderful USPS carrier has delivered my purchase to my door, never having asked for any customs fees.:nogood: (I still feel lucky every single time I don't have to pay duties though)
    However, I have heard of a few instances where others have had items sent to them via FedEx or UPS and HAVE had to pay duty fees and some other kind of handling charge as well... And most people that I know of have had to pay prior to having their item released to them from the shipping company (but, again, I have no personal experience here:shrugs:)