Important: Wear A Ribbon On Bag This Saturday At Murakami Event At Brooklyn Museum!!!

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  1. :smile:Hi,
    A bunch of us thought it would be great if anyone attending this event on Saturday could wear a ribbon on their bags to help us identify each other as TPF members....So spread the word! Thanks!!!
  2. what color ribbon?:confused1:
  3. I guess any color would do. Probably not too many other people will be doing that...
  4. Also, just to clarify, we should make sure it is a ribbon, not a scarf....
  5. ill be there!!!!!!!!! with my bf who abosultely is NOT into LV at all =/
  6. so sad I can't be there... I will be at work. :sad: But I will be thinking of all of you!!! Have fun!!
  7. don't forget your spy cameras!!!! :nuts: sooo jealous.
  8. I've asked one of the mods to see if we can stick this thread to the sticky note until Saturday so it will be visible for all tPFers :yes:
  9. Good idea! I hope I can make it this's too bad the LV stuff won't be sold there until later on.
  10. theres no cameras allowed inside?
  11. u mean i cant buy anything on saturday:confused1:
  12. the weather channel says it MIGHT be raining saturday.

    So bring umbrellas!!!
  13. I did read a bunch of articles, all confirmed that it will be a LV pop up shop at the museum. But none says that will be limited edition release on the opening. :confused1:

    Anyone has other resouces to find out!! Probably won't be there if no Murakam's LV stuff there. :P
  14. The pop up store WILL be open i'm sure. If anybody is free tonight, I would recommend going past the museum to see the monogramoflauge bags that are going to be being sold on the street as if they were fakes, while they are actually authentic.