Import duty on international purchases

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  1. Hi all,

    I saw that a lot of you ladies have placed international orders and have the purses shipped to US/Canada, I'm curious as to:

    - how much import duty you had to pay when you received your Chanel purses?
    - where did you order from (as duty varies for different countries) and shipped to?
    - how much the items were?

    I did a search on the forum already and found some information on EU and asian countries, couldn't seem to find info for US/Canada... (maybe i'm really bad at doing a search?)

  2. I haven't done that yet. But, usually you have to pay:

    10% duty on handbags
    brokerage fees (if any)
    shipping cost

    unlese that's a model you can't get from Canadian Chanel boutique, you better buy within Canada
  3. I ordered from Paris to US and had to pay 10% duty on price of the bag + the shipping fee. :sad:
  4. i'm still on the wait list in the toronto boutique.... it seems like nothing has been or will be coming in for months :sad:

    miffy, how much did they charge u for shipping from paris to US? how long did it take them to ship it to u?
  5. Chanel charged 180 euros to ship!! But the shipping service was excellent. It came within 2 business days through fedex. Chanel sent it out sat. afternoon and I received the bag on tues. morning. FedEx dealt with customs upfront and later billed me for the fee so that there would not be a delay in receiving my package.
  6. US has very generous tax-free allowance on international purchases I think. Not sure what is the exact threshold but values up to US$1250 are definitely safe. I've sold many high-end bags to US buyers through eBay. Canada is a different story though, they are very strict.
  7. It really depends where you live...if you're in Toronto, you will have to pay the 10% duties for a handbag, plus GST/PST. Then there are brokerage fees and whatever else fees they want to add in. Didn't someone say they ordered a timeless clutch and ended up paying like $400 in duties and taxes? That's just ridiculous.
  8. o wow... that's insane! my little bro is going to be working in new york for 4 months, so i will have a shipping address in the states during that time; i m not very familiar with the tax system in the states that's y i was asking (thanks for all the info ladies!!) ... i m thinking of the possibility of purchasing a bag overseas since the toronto boutique seems to never have the bags i wanted!!!! and i think i read on tpf that london heathrow airport ships internationally and it's a lot cheaper there!! i guess i still save a tiny bit after the 10% duty plus 180 euros shipping....