Impatient for violet

  1. Ok, I just need to let this out . . .


    There, I feel much better now! LOL!

    I put myself on the waitlist for a violet first back in the very beginning of June/end of May. Then about 3 weeks ago, after seeing a gorgeous violet twiggy here, I decided I would rather have a twiggy or day in that color, so I emailed my SA at BalNY and asked if it was possible. She said she'd take care of it, thought it was still possible to get a twiggy, put me on the list for the day too and kept me on the first list just in case neither of the others worked out (b/c I really do want this color!).

    I realize it could be another month before I hear anything, but seeing all these gorgeous grape bags here is just stoking my desire for my bag to get in!

    Anyone else on the waitlist still anxiously waiting?
  2. Awwwww...Aloha Rag is supposed to be getting twiggys in this week! Maybe you could try through them!!!!
  3. Hmmm - is it completely obnoxious to have been on the waitlist (with a "charge and send" no less) and then cancel?

    I will say I don't mind waiting and in fact, the longer I wait, the closer we get to my anniversary and the more able I am to justify the purchase as a gift from dh!

    It's just that seeing all these bags is making me loco (and yeah, your absolutely stunning twiggy did not help! LOL)!
  4. I am waiting for the First.:sweatdrop:
  5. I'm waiting for a Violet Makeup and possibly a Step!
  6. just hang in there. it is worth the wait.
  7. willowsmom, I don't think it'd be obnoxious at all to call them and cancel...after all, it's your money and ultimately your bag. It's supply and demand - you want it, they don't have it yet, but AR does! Therefore, AR gets your money! In all seriousness, I wouldn't sweat it. It's not big deal.

    I'm still waiting for my Day SGH...we all need to hang in there, ladies! It'll be worth it!

    Nanaz, I'm glad to see you've decided on the First!!
  8. couturefemme - I am actually waiting to see the picture first before i purchase it.:graucho: Kim told me it could be any day now.:wlae:
  9. I am not on any list but i am dying for a violet day
  10. I'm waiting for a violet twiggy from both BalNY and AR. I think my chances are better with AR.
  11. :sad:
    Oh sweetie, I am sooo sorry!!! I do know how you feel, and it does suck. I was thinking when the Violet bags started showing up here, that this is another double edged sword for being a pf member. On one hand it was great to see they were starting to come in, but on the other, it somehow was making the waiting worse to see more and more show up without getting one. I had better luck than you because I got my Violet City, but I am still waiting for my Violet First (which I am beginning to think will be the Violet I keep, and I will let my City go), a Jaune Make Up, and I put myself late on the lists for a Violet MakeUp, and Violet Coin Purse. I think you were smart by keeping yourself on the list for the First just in case the other's don't show up for awhile. Is it my imagination or are the First styles one of the last styles to show up at the store when the collection starts coming in?
    Hang in there girl, and if it helps to come and get it off your chest, go ahead and let it out, we can take it!
  12. oh I feel your pain fellow grape in waiting! my darling BF bought me the violet SGH work about TWO WEEKS ago from BalHK... and I'm still waiting for him to send it to me! he was meant to send it by the end of this week... tomorrow is Friday and nope he's just "too busy"... I want my violet sgh work darn it!!! esp with all these pics floating around its really not helping! everyone with their beautiful twiggys and citys and works! I'm also considering getting a twiggy too! its just too cute in this color! oh what to do??? I promised myself that I would NEVER get duplicate colors for Bbags!
  13. I'm waiting for the Step and possibly a makeup or mini coin...
  14. I feel your pain, Willowsmom. I'm impatiently awaiting my violet coin purse. I'm not very good at waiting for things since I'm so instant gratification oriented, but I'm trying my best to be patient in this situation. I also put myself on the list rather late, so it could be a while before I get the call. Whoever gets the violet coin purse first, please post a pic of it!!!
  15. WOOHOO! Please share pictures if you do decide on it! I'm still IMPATIENTLY waiting on my Day. Grrrrr!