Immediate Help Needed, question about Spy lining!!!

  1. I just received my first Spy and I thought the bags at the store had soft lining, like a linen....this bag has stiff, almost plastic feeling material.

    Thanks for anyone who can help ;)
  2. Hi! (And Hi to all. First post here!) :idea:

    Okay, I just felt mine and it is soft. It has texture, like a linen, but it definitely does not feel like plastic at all. Any other questions about yours? I have mine right here and will be glad to answer...if I can.

    I can't believe that I (a purseaholic) stumbled upon this site, and that I didn't know about it before. Yeahhh. :smile:
  3. the linings of most bags are printed with the zucca pattern... and it is def. not "soft" per se.... mine are more rigid-y than typical fabric
  4. My Spy linings are in a stiff material in the zucca pattern. They are definitely not soft. No worries.
  5. my heart attack is slowing down.
    mine is sort of loud, the lining...i guess it will break in a bit.
  6. kinda weird, i agree, about the stiffness of the lining... surprised me too when i got my bag... i hope your heart attack resolves itself soon.. :flowers:
  7. thanks girls!!!!
    it really feels gross as opposed to my MJ with the suede...even the cloth in the Balenciaga and Chloe's is better :sad:

    my husband said,
    "It's weird, this bag cost so much more...but that LINING!" :lol:
  8. How's the leather??? That's what makes this bag imo. Soft? Pebbly? Luscious?
  9. The stiffness of the spy's lining surprised me too but I think it may help keep the shape of the bag and gives it a bit of foundation or form. I've gotten very used to it now.. it stays very clean too.
  10. Yip you're fine - all my spy bags are still like that - I'd be more worried if it was really soft.