I'm trading in my Bronze Stam for Hilary's bag!

  1. I've been so tormented by my Bronze Stam. She's a spectacle to behold but I just couldn't work it. I fell in love with Hilary's bag at NM last weekend and impulsively decided to make the trade. Even though I already have a black Stam, I think this bag is going to be perfect for me. Simple enough style but it really appeals to me.

    Does anyone know the name of this bag? I forgot to ask my SA.

    I'll still have a credit left on my account. IF I decide to go for the Little Stam (in Mouse!) that's coming out for fall, that will help. :yes:
  2. what's up with her friends outfit!!?! Is that Mariska Haggerty?

    BTW, the bag you're trading for is supercute~!
  3. I think the one Hilary has is called the E/W Stam and is from the MJ Fall 2006 Collection.
  4. Hillary's bag does not have a style name. It's very similar to the E/W Stam that's coming out in fall, but the E/W Stam has two vertical zippers, much shorter leather handles, and a chain. I don't really know what to call the one that Hillary has--it's cute though. And it's nice that it can go on the shoulder or be carried on the arm.

    I've seen it in black and an unusually greeny blue at NM....
  5. Yup, that's Mariska Hargitay. She's pregnant and maybe trying to go for the BoHo casual look?!
  6. Yeah, I know it's not the E/W Stam. It's not a Stam at all. I heard my SA call it "the satchel" but I don't know if that's the name?

    It's a new style, right? It's not on the MJ site and I can't seem to find it anywhere online.
  7. Daisy, can you post a picture of your new bag? Like Wicked, I also saw the greenish blue one at NM and now I can't get it out of my mind!
  8. I'll definitely post it when I get it! My post may have been confusing... I didn't trade at NM, I had to call MJ and they're shipping me my new bag. I'm so excited!

    Now I'm intriqued by this blueish-green!
  9. i think it's called the "amanda quilted satchel"?
  10. Jennifer... is it? It does look like it but almost like a more petite version and it just looks... a bit different. Is this the greenish-blue you guys were talking about? It says this bag is denim but it doesn't look it. Hmm!

  11. Aww Daisy, I'm sorry to see your luscious bronze Stam go! But the new bag looks really nice! I'm now intrigued myself.. uh-oh.. Can't wait till you get her and post pics:smile:)
  12. Oh no - you're letting the bronze stam go? Wah!!!!!! She's so gorgeous!
  13. I know, girls. She's SO gorgeous but just not practical for me. It makes me very sad but I'm also excited for my new cutie.
  14. Congrats Daisy! =) Since you already have Black Stam, returning the Bronze Stam isn't too bad; I would choose Black over Bronze too. Another baby Stam? You have a Violet one right? I am so jealous. =)

    I can't really see the details of Hilary Swank's bag, but Jennifer's probably right on it being Quilted Amanda Satchel ($1050 on the receipt being shown in the listing).
  15. bag.lover, I'm not getting another Baby Stam, just Hilary's bag. I think it is the Amanda satchel but I must say it looks different than I'm remembering it at NM. I hope it's the same one and that I'm not disappointed!