I'm still laughing....

  1. listen to this comic story...
    A collegue of mine (we're about the same age, and we get on well) bought about 2 months ago a fake LV Speedy. It costed her 40 €, and I told her it was better if she spent 20 € more for a leather no-name bag than for a fake one. She replied she really liked the Speedy but couldn't spend 400 € on a bag, etc...so she bought that one. I wanted to see it myself, and the bag was really plastic (she even said she couldn't wear it in the very first days because it smelled).
    Today she came in my office and guess what? The bag has broken!
    The handles broke in the middle, like if they were cut (funny, isn't it?). I suggested her to get it mended, but she's afraid someone would refuse to mend it because it's a fake bag, and doesn't want to spend other 10-15 € for it.
    So I reluctantly offered to try to mend it...I know I shouldn't, but she's having some financial problems, and she's anyway a friend.
    This whole story really confirmed what I already thought: better spending my money on a real bag, than cheap fake bags that last 2 months!
  2. I don't really understand how that's funny.

    Someone who has it financially hard and cannot afford a real LV is funny? :confused1:
  3. I don't think she meant it like that, though!
  4. I didn't get it. Why is it funny?
  5. :confused1: of course not, given that I myself don't own any LV purses and I suggested her I can repair the bag for her. The funny thing for me was that I tried several days to convince her not to buy a fake bag, because they're low quality (not to mention all things related with buying a counterfeit) and with just 20 € more she could have had something better, but I could never think it would have lasted just 2 months!
  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought that. ;)
  7. I understand the story a bit better now! :yes:
  8. i don't think she means funny ha ha.
  9. i am the one mistaken. i didn't pay attention to the i'm still laughing.
  10. yeah, buying fake......... there are consequences......
  11. I agree with you - better to buy the real thing then to pay money for a fake and have it break. I understood what you meant.
  12. :lol: I can see how that would be funny. Her walking in with a purse broken and you trying to fix it. I got it.
  13. Amen!
  14. *faint*