I'm spatially challenged - help me decide

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  1. Hi,

    I've perused your photos and the BE web site, and still can't get a sense of bag size (sighs). So: I'm choosing between a TME and TME Midi. Which is a better fit? I carry:

    hefty wallet
    cosmetic bag
    occasional notebook
    random stuff

    Will a Midi do it? Or do I need the big guns? Is a LV a better fit?
  2. Hello there!
    I dont own a regular TME, but i think i could fit all that "junk" in my TME midi. At the moment, i am carrying a large wallet, a cosmetic pouch, a moleskin diary, a small notebook, an Angel Purse, and my gloves, apart from keys, mobile phone, lipstick, mints, bag hook and tissues... The bag doesnt feel heavy at all... It is spacious but doesnt look that big!
    Wait for other to chime in, though!
  3. I own the midi as well. I don't carry a ton of stuff because I am kidless, but I do believe that all of those things could fit in the bag.
  4. I had the same questions and after obsessing in the photo thread, decided on the Midi. Mine should be here tomorrow so I can take pics packed and post them for you or email them to you if that would help you decide.
  5. I don't have my TME Midi yet (it's still on its way) but I do have a Love Me Midi and it's about the same size. It can easily hold a long wallet, cosmetic pouch, 2 other small pouches (keys, business cards), checkbooks, a moleskine diary and a larger moleskine notebook, and still have room to hold more. I have used it as a diaper bag as well and it can hold a few diapers, changing pad, pack of wipes, extra outfit, small blanket in addition to my own things.
    I love that it doesn't look huge even though it's roomy, and looks just as good even with less.
  6. I think the midi is definitely large enough!
  7. You guys are so helpful - - thank you very much!

    Now, choosing between Choco Crash and matte...sigh.

    Thanks again,
  8. Hi Laura,
    I don't have the midi, but I did receive a tme and it fits a lot!!! So, can't help you on that front....but I would check with Jackie about the availability of the chocolate crash (I have an AP in the and wish I had a full size bag in it...it is gorgeous!). Last I heard, it was running low!
  9. I love the choco crash and the matte but I only own the matte leather. It is gorgeous and I think it would be more versatile than the choco crash. Good luck!
  10. Thanks!
  11. I have the full size TME and it is considerably smaller than my TMA and WTM - I carry about the same amount of stuff as you and the full size leaves me room to toss in small purchases if I'm out shopping or whatever my DH or DD decide to give me to "hold" - it's lightweight and not bulky at all.
  12. I have both sizes and I suggest the TME regular size. The Midi is quite a bit smaller and although it will most likely fit all the items you're considering, the regular size will allow for that "slouch" factor once the leather softens and will give you some extra room without fear of having your essentials jammed in or peering out.

    My TME in black crash is the perfect size. My cappuccino TME midi is gorgeous, but it's not for those days when I want to carry much.

    I'd go for the regular size without a doubt for what you want to carry.

    Hope that helps!
  13. The feedback on the full size is good to know. Now I think that is on my list for the future! :smile: I like having the extra space for when I am the designated carrier - sounds like the full size would be great to travel with as well when you always need everything with you.
  14. It's really not that large. In fact, the regular TME feels smaller to me that my LM.

    Add in the pebbled glossy leather which slouches even more, even smaller.

    Something to consider. Personally I like having extra room when I need it.
  15. Yes I am trying to force myself to buy a Love Me Midi but I can't quite manage to convince myself that it won't be too small and languish totally unused in my cupboards.