I'm soo happy I didnt get this last year!

  1. At first when the Legacy collection came out last year I HAAAAD! to have something, but didnt get any, because I didnt know which style I liked best. For awhile I was bummed bout it but got over it.

    For Christmas this year my family and I went to vegas! We stopped at the Primm Valley outlets! I went straight to Coach! I was one of their first customers. I looked around and saw alot of legacy bags! But mostly sigs, couple white leathers, and whiskey bags. I was like mehh, until I saw an Ali in the back! I got both that were there and looked which was perfect! I ended up getting it for $215!!!!!!!! Who said these were sold out nationwide ;P

    I loooooooove it! I also got a couple other things when I was in vegas!

    Here are my new things! Whiskey Ali!!! Ocelot hair thing to tie on my LV Palermo!! Bleeker wallet and mini skinny in khaki/black =]

  2. Great items, reynald0c! I love the scarf on your LV! The Ali is of course tdf and what a great price! And I love the bleecker items! Khaki/black is so sharp!
  3. Thanks tl! I just neeeeeed a bleeker capacity wristlet in the same color combo, and a gigi in khaki/black, and maybe another LV ;] and I'm done for awhile!
  4. The bleecker capacity wristlet is amazing! It is so roomy and practical! I love mine! I got the brown siggie one for Christmas and just love it! The bleecker accessories with the gigi would be awesome! You have a great collection going!
  5. Thanks a bunch hhaha yeah I have a growing collection, it just got bigger this month!
  6. CONGRATS, i love all ur new stuff! you got a good deal on the ali too.
    and the scarf looks great tied on to that LV bag.
    hmm...I think I need an LV bag to tie my ocelot ponytail scarf on to, too lol!
  7. OMG!!!! Congrats!!!!
  8. Wow! Great price! Congrats.
  9. Great deal, LOVE the Palermo too!
  10. Bleh! I dont know which bag to use todayyy =[

    I love all my new bags! I love all my bags period!