im so sad..whats wrong?

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  1. Okay gals, Im very very dissapointed.

    I listed a almost brand new diamond stitch flap bag on ebay with starting price of 1049.99, I paid 1750.00$ for this bag less then 6 months ago. I literally wore it 4-5 times and priced it $700 below retail thinking it would sell... I got alot of messages and emails on ebay asking about it, provided TONS of pictures that were clear. I had a few people who constantly emailed and sounded serious in purchasing at the one bid!! I had so many watchers......

    im just sad that people think im going to pratically give away a brand new bag! the sadest part is I had another PF member email me via ebay and tell me that she had listed my bag in the authenticate this bag thread and someone from this forum suggest that she offer me 875$ for a nearly new $1750.00 bag....cmon this is the chanel forum, we all know chanel holds its value....does a chanel bag really depreciate that much when its worn 4-5 times? Almost $875.00 worth? I think not!

    I dont get why no one bid, is the style not popular? a diamond stitch tote in the larger size sold for a mere 1k and some change from another ebayer.....but im just perplexed as to why no one bid on such an amazing deal :s
  2. No, Chanel doesn't lose it's value like that.
    It's this time of year, most people I know stop listing on eBay until after Jan 1st, this time of year sales tend to be v e r y slow.
    If you can afford to wait, I absolutely would:yes:
  3. I agree with Swanky. I think that people are also spending for the holidays and holding off on personal items.
  4. I thought sales were up before Christmas. When would it be best to wait until (after Jan. 1st)? Won't everyone be shell shocked from X-mas credit card bills?
  5. I never have good luck selling my high end designer bags on ebay. I had a Paddington listed and ended up returning it to the store. It was such a hassle because potential buyers wanted me to either give it away or further prove authenticity through more photos (I had enough pics listed as it was...). Combine that with the skeptics who were afraid of receiving a fake, and I decided no more ebay for my high end bags. I had great luck with Kooba, Coach and Isabella Fiore on ebay but that one Paddington listing was a huge, huge headache!

    I'm having the same problem with jewelry right now. I am trying to sell a 30" vintage strand of Japanese pearls - triple A quality - and no bids. There are too many strands of pearls up for way less and people want a bargain. I don't think the buyers who are looking at Chanel bags or fine jewerly really "get" or appreciate the value of what we are selling.
  6. I don't know, I just know I'm on 3 different eBay groups and everyone on all 3 are complainig about the slow sales.
  7. I agree. People are usually in a buying mood before Christmas. January is often very slow.
    It gets lost. I can't sell anything unless it has a popular designer name attached to it. And even then people want a bargain.
  8. I might have to hold onto the bag and either make myself fall in love with it all over again OR wait until end of january and relist :smile:
  9. In Germany the re-sell value for Chanel bags is really bad. Here you can be lucky if you get 40-50% back of the original price even if it's a new bag. That's actually one point because I haven't bought a Chanel bag because I get bored with my bag very easily and 6 months later I sell a a new bag which I used the most about 5 times.
    For a reissue which cost 1500€ you'll probably get 600-700€.
    The best re-sell value here is for LV bags.
    I know that the US market is different and that's why I sell my Balenciagas there and not here but all sales have been very slow this year I don't have an explanation for it but it sucks.
    I really hope that you can sell your bag as I totally feel with you when such a beauty doesn't sell.
    Best wishes from the other side of the world.:smile:
  10. I was trying to sell the coco cabas on ebay as recently NM called me up for a COCO cabas that I totally forgot about. So brand new, with tags and receipt and everything. I took it out of the box for photos. FOr all you know, the winner of the auction doubts my item, saying that such a hot item doesn't come available this time around and since it's new, he finds it hard to believe. I had to take more pics placing a series of playing cards to his choice to prove that I own the photos.

    Seriously I was patient enough to do that. I think he was buying time to pay for the item. IT's been a week and I am still waiting.

    FOr those sellers on ebay that sells/trades fake items, it makes the honest sellers look bad or be placed on the doubtful radar.:hysteric:
  11. It's all about timing! I had same experiences like yours and I just relisted it later. It will be sold, so don't give it up!
  12. hi i think i saw your listing, is it the grey one (#200052015029)? if so people might not have bid because you only have 6 positive feedbacks on ebay, which means buyers are probably a bit more reserved. just a thought!
  13. ^ It was black. I dont get why people would want to buy from business sellers and only the ones who buy in mass and then jack up prices and sell on ebay. What about us who are selling from our own collections, just to buy something new and not looking for a profit? Its just very disheartning. I mean i could technically buy things on ebay randomally just to jack up my ebay score, but that would be futile. I guess people just look at a sellers NUMBER and determine weather they are legitimate. I had over 15 pictures of the bag and so many questions, i guess i just am confused as to why people bid on fake things, over priced old style non popular bags like souple for example...while they arent interested in buying a brand new bag from a recent collection for 700$ less then retail....its just perplexing...but im not going to give away my bag you know? I rather keep it.
  14. i'm sorry to hear that, it is quite perplexing. but i think buyers aren't covered with paypal if a seller has less than 50 feedbacks :sad:
  15. I saw your auction, lv1011, and really appreciated you providing all those detailed photos of the bag. :smile:

    You may want to try and relist it as (even though this sounds really silly) sometimes, watchers just forget to bid! I've watched auctions end with no bidders and after a relisting, sell for more than the end/start price of the original auction.

    It's all about timing. Somewhere out there is an eBayer who has probably been waiting for your bag to show up! Good luck with your next try. :flowers: