I'm so sad! Please help

  1. Ok, so I decided to start small (I'm 25) and I got my very first Hermes item - an emamel bracelet, which I want to start collecting. The problem is: I bought it last week in San Francisco and I've only worn it twice (I live in Seattle) and one of the two gold bands around the edge has separated from the enamel! Is this a usual problem? I was not harsh with it at all and didn't drop it - it just became separated while on my wrist.

    I'm so sad, this was my wedding anniversary present. :crybaby: Do you think, if I call the store, they will fix or replace it? I have the receipt... Please advise, because I love, love, love it and I can't afford to buy a new one for a long time!
  2. Not to worry, H has excellent after care. Just call your SA, I am sure they will replace it.
  3. Thank you Rose, I feel better now. By the way - I've looked at some of the other threads and I must say, you really know how to wear those beautiful scarves. I think that will be next on my list. Ah, but which one...
  4. Ah, that's good, let's help you decide on a scarf.... favorite colors/ themes?
  5. I'm sure the store will help you with it. :yes:

    Yes, Rose is our scarf :queen:here.
  6. Well, I love the tokyo scarves (I think that's what they are called) and I love blues and oranges. I am also comtemplating a Twilly to start with - they seem manageable. I must admit I am not used to wearing scarves at all and the bigger ones seem intimidating. :shame: I can imagine the mess I would be all knotted up!
  7. ^^^ There is a Tokyo twilly available, very pretty.
  8. Call the SA in San Fran so you can send it back. They will have to replace it for you or give you a credit.
  9. oh sorry to hear about ur enamel bracelet, but I am sure it will turn out alright if you just give the store a call and explain what happened.
  10. yes twillys are fun! u can use it in so many ways, as a belt, as a neck tie, tie it on ur bag, wrists and i have seen some tpf-ers tie the twilly on their ankles! so cute!!!
  11. Let us know what your SA says. You must be upset.
  12. Aww that is very disappointing and from what I know, highly unusual! I have and love a few of the bangles as do others here -- I'm sure they will make it right - must be defective -- good luck and happy anniversary!
  13. which is still the most hillarious thing to me, as i vividly recall standing in the KOP store with her and being told -- adamantly -- that she simply could not wear anything other than a gavroche . . . . :roflmfao:
  14. a tokyo twilly? oh my. i bet its pretty, does it not luck cut off though KWIM?
  15. YUP! That was in March!!!! :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    That scarf queen title belongs to our veterans.... HG, DQ, shopmom, MaggieD and all the other lovely ladies who have an incredible knowledge of scarves and take my breath away when I see the wonderful ways they use them.