I'M SO SAD - I had to return my new Burberry

  1. After many months I was finally able to get to Nordstroms where they had the bag of my dreams; the house check beaton. I got home to Canada and decided I must have it and called the very nice SA and she sent it right away. It finally arrived and the duty and taxes was almost $500. OMG. I couldn't believe it. I started crying on the spot. I knew I had to refuse it. I couldnt possibly spend $1900 (after exchange) plus $500 on a bag could I? especially since I litterly have no income at the moment (I own my own retail business). The poor posty. He though I was crazy, crying over a handbag.

    So my question is...was I right to send it back? It was going to be my first designer handbag. My perfect handbag. But can you justify $2400 on a handbag when you have no house, no car and no income?

  2. I'm very sorry dear,but you did the right thing :tup: Another one will come when you don't even expect it and then you'll remember of this one and will feel sooo much happy...;) :heart:
  3. You made the right decision. Imagine how horrible you would have felt if you had kept it and been that deep in debt. Great handbags come up all the time and you'll be better off waiting to get one until your finances are secure.
  4. You made the right decision. I know it's hard sometimes, when you want something like crazy but can't. If you have patience, I'm sure this bag will go on sale and will be available at outlets, or it will pop up on eBay. Just wait
  5. So sorry to hear that!! Like all the girls are saying, the right one will come along and when that happens, you will be prepared for it. Good Luck with your business!!
  6. Thank you for all your support. I'm going home now to sit on the coach and eat chocolate :sad: I'll feel better in the morning.
  7. So sorry for your loss!!!

    Yes you did do the right thing.....and it does suck to be in Canada doesn't it!
    Do they not have this bag at Holts??

    Do you not have any freinds in the US?
    I have a brother in florida and I have stuff shipped to him and then he ships to me with a low value.
  8. Thank you mona_danya. Sadly they do not have this bag at holts. I'm going to have them keep thier eye out incase they do get it in with thier winter stock.

    I dont have anyone in the states so I was thinking of just wearing the bag back across the border next time I go down. Do you think that would work?
  9. ^^^^Yeah, thats what I would do.
    We get hosed at customs although I don't get how duty could be that much. It should be about 15 dollars on a hundred right now. Maybe you got stuck with brokerage fees from the shipper too?
    Do you know they have a Burberry outlet on the US side of Niagra Falls?
  10. Totally- you'll have to pay the sales tax rate of the state where you buy it, but it'll definitely be cheaper than $500.
  11. Though you may regret it now, in the long run, you definitely made the right choice. It's never good to spend money you don't have. As everyone's said, another will come along very soon.

    Good things come to those who wait. :tup:
  12. Bag is a bag afterall! Maybe you will be able to get it one day (just not now). Yes, I agree with everyone, u did the right thing!
  13. You did the right thing. Another one will come along at a better time.--or more.
  14. I am so sorry about the horrid taxes! Do you know anyone that lives near the border and can just walk it across and then ship it to you within the country?