I'm so depressed...

pursedoc said:
call the store and order them ! there's more than one way to get that bag!:amuse:

This is a good idea. Call the store and have them ship it to you. Or order from French Ebay. There's a couple on there, and many of them ship to other countries, usa even.
darelgirl said:
Do you think if I called a french store that they would ship the bags to me???I live in Berlin...

They might....give them a call and see. All they can say is no. They may make you pay shipping. But it's worth it to get your bag.

I'd call every boutique in Paris to find a bag I wanted!! :nuts:
I know how you feel. I waited for mine for awhile and its sitting waiting to be used. (Thanks to Greenie's tips.) I feel so bad for you it makes me want to forward mine. My co-workers Mom still lives in the Ukraine and she ships things to her frequently because they are so hard to get there. Remember good things are worth waiting for. You will get your dream bag!
darelgirl said:
You are right!!!! I'm gonna wait 2-3 days in case she will go and get them...If she doesn't until then i will go for it by myself!:evil:

yeah wait a little longer ....I would hate it when that happen because I would feel like hanging in the middle of should I or should I not...but I think just wait and see first. While you are waiting...you will have some time to look at other cuties ( bags) hahaha :biggrin:
I feel sorry for you, Darelgirl .... doesn't she realize how important this is to you? It doesn't matter what it is -- a bag, a car, or something else -- if it matters to you that much she should be more accomodating, don't you think? Hopefully she will make time for you. Keep us posted!
Aww, so sorry, Darelgirl. I'm sure you will get the bags soon. For now, just think of how good it will feel when you hold them in your hands! :amuse:
So what color(s) did you decide on? Please please post pics when you get them. I'm a big fan of these bags as well, just thinking about a brown...
Thank you girls for trying to cheer me up :biggrin: !!! I knew that you would understand me! I am already feeling better today...I just woke up (It is 10:00 o'clock in the morning over here) and the first thing that crossed my mind was not the Charlotte bag....so I guess I'm doing better ;)

Anyway, I talked again with my boyfriend and he said not to worry about the bags. She will get them for me and that she is busy at the time...I don't know how HE knows that since they didn't talk on the phone again but I decided to trust him and wait a bit more.

Spiralsnowman: I am thinking about getting them in black, white and pink (or maybe in brown like you said???) I don't know it will depend on what they have in the store!

I was thinking to get me another bag to cheer me up for all the waiting until my charlottes arrive....What do think about the pleaty from Louis Vuitton???
i'm so sorry i didn't post yesterday darel girl!!
i went there at about 6 pm and then i had to go out for dinner, so i couldn't pass home and write!! i swear i was thinking about you all the dinner time!! :cry: