I'm so depressed...

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  1. Girls, I am really depressed right now and I just wanted to share because I know you guys will understand it.

    Today my boyfriends cousin told us that she would go to the Gerard Darel store in Paris to get me my Charlotte bags. She said that she would call from there to tell us what colours are available....but guess what, she didn't :cry: Which means that she didn't go there....

    I hate relying on other people...but I want these bags soooo bad! I can't get them anywhere else. I was so looking forward to have them by the end of the week. It is becoming like an obsession to finally get these bags....Am I the only one who gets ''obsessed'' by such things as a bag????

    Anyway....I guess I have to wait a bit more...

    Thank you guys for hearing me out :love:

    (I hope I didn't post this thread wrong...:shame: )
  2. Aww, sorry Darelgirl :sad: It sucks when you have to rely on other people like that.. I hope it works out for you!!
  3. Aww.. I would be really upset too, especially since she said she'd do it for you. :sad:
  4. My boyfriend said that she will....but when ??? I hate this...:sad2:

    Anyway...i'm starting to feel a little better after enjoying some white chocolate:amuse:
  5. Thank you swedie, I hope it works out well too....I just have to be a bit more patient!!
  6. When it comes to bags...that sometimes is a very difficult task!
    I hope she comes through for you.
  7. I know exactly how you feel Darelgirl there is nothing worst than having someone let you down like that. I do hope it does work out though I've got my fingers crossed. I live in an area where I have to travel miles to get anything so I depend on the net and others to help me out. It really sucks not to be able to see the bags before you purchase them. Anyway I digress...enjoy the chocolate.:worried:
  8. Thx Ginger!:P
    I just feel like a big baby because I got dissapointed by that....I mean it's ''just'' a bag (For me it is THE bag!!!) I can't talk about any of my friends about this bag-obsession....they'll think i am totally crazy!!! :wacko:
  9. I know I can't talk to anyone either they think I'm nuts so I don't say anything. That's why I love this site...you guys understand.
  10. Give her a little bit more time. Maybe she was caught up in something there or just got busy... you never know.
  11. Yes I'm so happy that I found this site....Now I know that I'm not the only ''crazy lady'' with a bag obsession!!!:nuts:
  12. You are right irissy!!! But it's so hard to wait !!!!!
  13. I'm sorry to hear that darelgirl. I'm sure she'll come through for you. Claudia bag are gorgeous! I know what you mean about your friends thinking you are crazy about your bag obsession. I'm lucky to have one girlfriend who is obsessive about bags as me. I once cried about not getting a Silverado. DAng, now I think I'm crazy! The hardest part is waiting I know, just waiting for UPS drives me nuts, so I know how you feel.
    Anyway, I wish you luck. Post some pics when you get them.
  14. call the store and order them ! there's more than one way to get that bag!:amuse:
  15. Thx pursegalsf, I will post pics when I finally get my bags!
    The worst part for me is not waiting for the UPS but knowing that she didn't buy them yet for me....I think if she would go and buy them I would be more calm!:oh: