I'm shocked. Please come look at one of the best bags Ive ever owned

  1. Coach handbags? Nah. Not my cup of tea, or so I said. Why, its so common, so ubiquitous, so unimaginative, and so cheap.

    In my quest for a brown bag that leaned towards the more casual side, I typed in whiskey in my search on eBay. Up popped up one of the most gorgeous handbags I have ever seen; the Coach Mandy.

    Constructed of beautiful whiskey colored leather that looked (in the photos) to be of high quality, and accented with very substantial looking brass hardware, this bag was dazzling. Two pockets adorned the front, and a big slip pocket on the back excited me immensely, as it not something I see too often. An adjustable shoulder strap sealed the deal for me, as I could see myself wearing this everyday for all kinds of occasions. (And by the way, it wasnt cheap at all, it cost $475 on eBay and I think about $700 retail)

    I just received the bag this morning, and I am in a quiet and contemplative mood. I love this bag, I love everything about it! The quality is unbelievable, it is just incredible! Honestly, in comparison to the a lot of the other bags I own, the quality of the Coach Mandy blows them right out of the water.

    I just dont understand why I was so adamantly "UGH" about Coach before.

    I need support! This bag has really opened my eyes. Its as if I was bag-prejudiced before (Go ahead and laugh! but I was) and this bag has just rocked my world.:wtf:

    Please share with me your thoughts.
  2. I think it is absolutely beautiful. The leather is gorgeous and will age beautifully, and the lining is so cute! Congratulations!

    I am with you - going outisde of one's comfort zone and trying new things can be really eye opening sometimes!
  3. Gorgeous. I think a lot of people think of the canvas logo print when they think of Coach. But Coach also makes some beautiful leather bags. I have a suede Soho baguette that is very cute (and it was $89 from Loehmann's!) and I also used to have one of the pocket satchels. And I also have a polka-dot Coach raincoat. :smile:

    Coach is cute. Like all brands, you just have to find the bag you love. And it sounds like you have. Congrats on your new purchase. Lovely!
  4. I think it's gorgeous bag and the leather does look amazing. That's why I don't like to bash other designer bags because sometimes you might see one that's simply beautiful. I always say every designer has something to offer;)
  5. PS, congrats on losing your bag prejudice. The only downside is that the more bag prejudices you lose, the more bags you will want to buy. LOL!
  6. It's a GORGEOUS bag!! Enjoy!!! You should see the spring colors Coach is coming out w/....they are TDF.
  7. GUNG I'm so glad you found what you were look for! Kudos to you for being open-minded, otherwise how would you have found your true love? I'm not much of a Coach girl but I'm happy that you're happy. I love the multicolor lining and, of course, Coach has always used great leather that gets better with age.
  8. WOW. I don't like Coach at ALL and that is one beautiful bag. It looks substantial and smooth and "just right". Congrats on such a perfect find and for having your prejudice knocked right out of the water so you can now spend more money on more brands. yayyy =)
  9. It's a great bag:smile: Congratulations.
  10. I have this bag, and it really is one of them most gorgeous bags Coach has ever designed. I've carried Coach for years but it has always been their leather because their leather is very high quality and the stitching is well done. Plus, that lining--isn't it gorgeous?

    Congrats on discovering such a beautiful bag!
  11. I was Coach obsessed before tPF and I always think I've "moved on" to bigger and better bags. Fact is, Coach makes some of the best purses around. The leather is wonderful and the craftmanship has always been superb. The brand got overexposed with its logo on everyone at the mall, but it's hard to beat their leather bags.
  12. I grew up liking and owning many of the original Coach bags, but within the last few years I moved on to other bags....last year I bought a beautiful brown Coach bag...and WOW....I ama fan again too!! I love the Mandy. I think Coach is a great sturdy everyday bag.

  13. I have a Mandy in black and it's one of my great "go to" bags. It's a bit on the heavy side (of course, I do load it up with my junk), but I really do love it. As I continue use it, the leather wears very nicely, and the bag has a really nice "slouch" to it now.

    I agree, the Khaki coach logo :yucky: is EVERYWHERE, and has made many sick of seeing Coach, but the leather bags, and the great durability of the signature bags (I have a few all black and one chocolate sig) is fantastic and can't be beat for the price.

    HEY - Didn't you get your sister the Coach Shoulder Bag? It's a smaller version of Mandy! You're both going to love them!
  14. I love Coach's Legacy line esp. in whiskey!! I don't own it (yet) but I have to say that my Coach bags have worn better than any other leather bags I own (including Marc Jacobs)! Enjoy yours!!
  15. Coach makes beautiful leather bags, enjoy!