I'm sad my new rolando's are here

  1. But my foot is too fat for the shoe. I can get my foot in the shoe but I feel like it will cut off my circulation if I try to wear them for any length of time. A lovely person Lynn found them for me on sale. So my dilemma try to stretch them or get rid off them I would try to exchange but that shoe has been sold out for a while.
  2. If you get that tingling feeling in your foot after a few minutes I would not risk it. Better to keep looking for a CL that will fit. I found a sale pair that were just a bit too tight. I could have gotten them, but I lucked out and found them on a half size larger. If they are just a little tight, then you might try stretching them if they are not patent. (from other posts patent does not stretch well if at all).
  3. So sorry. =(
  4. eeeps i'm so sorry to hear that. i do hope you're able to get an exchange for a size that fits you better. btw, what size and color did you get? LOL, i've been looking for a pair! :graucho:
  5. I got the leopard print rolandos in a 39.
  6. You don't have fat feet!! Some shoes are just cut more narrow. It will be ok! See, you have allready found another pair!!
  7. Ouch! I would personally get rid of them... cause in the end I wouldn't feel like wearing them anywhere if I knew my feet were going to kill me.... usually the pain just sneaks up on me ;) rather than happening right away
  8. ITA, I just received my La Donna mary janes and they seem tight in the front. I have average feet, but since they are so pointy they may not work out. I'm at work so I will post my pics later.
  9. That sucks, I'm sorry about your disappointment.
  10. I'm so sorry, I know that rolandos are a very difficult fit. I had to size up 1 full size in them, otherwise I couldn't even get my toe into the shoe.
    Hopefully you will be able to exchange for a larger size, but I highly recommend that you go up at least 1 full size from your true US size.
    The leopard print rolandos are TDF!
  11. Chances, I am sorry they are not fitting! I am having the same problem with my dark red patent Rolandos that I just received from Neimans. ARRRGGGHHHH I wear a 40 in all my CLs and this 40 smushes my toes. It doesn't help that my toes are long and skinny. Bad Rolando, bad rolandos!!!
  12. That sucks!
    I HATE when you get excited for a shoe and then it does not fit!
  13. I feel your pain. The rolandos are not comfy for me either. If you cannot exchange them for a bigger pair, return them and maybe you will find something else you will love more.
  14. Sorry to hear, chances! :sad: I hope you're able to exchange or return them and find a pair you really like.

    Though this does have me discouraged for my own pair of leopard Rolandos, which I ordered in a 41. I sized way up. Please, please fit :angel:
  15. Chances - I am sooo sorry to hear that they don't fit. The toebox on the rolandos is so narrow that I don't think stretching will make them feel much better. You should try to return them and get them in a bigger size. You should be able to wear them without being uncomfortable.:flowers:

    I have a few pairs of CLs that I got a little to snug because they were on sale or just so hard to find, and realistically, I don't wear them as much because they don't fit well. It's the worst feeling having a pair of designer shoes just sit there because they are too beautiful to pass up, but too much of a PITA to wear.