I'm returning this!

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  1. #1 Jan 29, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2009
    It's the new Parker butterfly wristlet. It's nylon. It's just so wrong IMO. :tdown: And for $78.!

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  2. Nylon?? Yuck--now that is just wrong! I would definitely return it too. I do like the shape of the wristlet though. Are those pleats on the front? Sorry it didn't work out for you, but I'm sure something else will come your way.
  3. The pleats are weird, they sewed the leather strips on them. Not liking it...Nylon though? I might have liked it had it been printed leather.
  4. wow, i m totally seeing a 13yr old carrying that for her lunch money at school.... that's loaded with designs... kinda cute, but looks really school-kid-type to me... if it would be leather i'd think about it too, but not for nylon...
  5. yea the nylon totally ruins it for me too! The price tag as well!
  6. It's like something I would buy in the make-up section at a drugstore for $5.99. I'm really disappointed.
  7. Not a fan. I would return it too!
  8. I don't like it either. $78 for nylon? That's way too expensive.
  9. Exactly! :tdown: Not a fan. I feel it looks too young for my tastes, and I'm only 21!
  10. I wanted to like it just so I could play devil's advocate but no. It could have been so cute if they just toned it down a little and used leather instead of nylon.
  11. I had such high hopes for the butterflies too :sad:... boo to nylon! If I want a nylon something, I'd go off and buy something lesportsac.
  12. yeah I agree I would return it too. It does look like something I would let my girls wear but for 78 bucks no way
  13. It's definetly different!
  14. I've been waiting for someone to say they like it...well you tried. ;)
  15. Kinda cool, but NOT in nylon and NOT for $80. Plus, WTF is all that B/W detailing in the background? I like the butterflies (they make me think of my grandmother), and just those on leather would be sweet, but NOT as that wristlet presents now. Not a fan. Boo, Coach.