I'm returning my perforated speedy...

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  1. Hi guys!!!
    You've all been so helpful in deciding my bag purchases. :idea: I changed my mind on the muse and the MJ stam in black. MJ stam was hard to get and I figured that I don't need another white bag... Anyways, that was about my last post about next bag purchase.

    And now, I am returning my perforated fuschia speedy... I feel like I got the bag only because it was limited edition and wanted to own one from the limited collection... Besides my boyfriend kept saying it looks like a dog carrier.. I hope I won't regret it later.. hehe. I will keep you guys updated if I end up buying anything else..:love:
  2. Goodluck!
  3. Good luck in your search!! There's plenty out there to choose from!
  4. I have never returned a bag so please help me understand what it's all about. Maybe I just get attached too easily but once I put my belongings in a bag I feel like it's found it's home. So many people on this site purchase these expensive bags and then just seem to have no issue with returning them other than they just don't like them as opposed to there be an actual defect with the bag.
  5. Coldplaylover, I've only returned one bag in my lifetime. It was recently. I returned a honey Spy. It was an expensive bag and I didn't like the way it looked on me. I'm petite and I felt like the bag overwhelmed me. I also found it awkward. I still love the way it looks but I felt it was too much money not to enjoy wearing/carrying it.
  6. Did you purchase the bag online or by phone so that you never had the chance to experience it IRL beforehand?
  7. I admitt, I return bags sometimes or else sell them soon after. I live in the middle of nowhere so it is not like I can go look at lux bags anytime I want. Actually I only returned to the store one wallet that I had ordered online. Everything else I sell on Ebay. I am very fickle!!
  8. I think it's my first time returning my bag.. It's not that I like all the other bags I buy. But some bags that I bought were on sale or was from an outlet store or even from ebay, so they aren't returnable. So I keep them.. But the perforated speedy, I've seen it IRL and I even tried at the store and I liked it. But after I put my stuff in the bag, the bag became not too pretty. The bags looks better without anything in the bag so that it doesn't lose its shape. It happenes with all the speedys but this particular one doesn't look pretty when it's saggy. Anyways, that's just my opinion and one of the reasons that I returned my bag..
  9. Yes, I never liked the perforated line. It does indeed look like a dog carrier.
  10. In the LV boutique I was showing my boyfriend the Perferated line and he says (innocent as can be)
    "Oh that's nice, is that for dogs?"

    That was it. All i needed to hear. I headed over to another counter to look at the denim Speedy (my new prey).

    I won't be carrying the dog carrier anytime soon :P
  11. I said those same words in another thread...great minds think alike!
  12. I'm sorry you haven't been having much luck. It is so frustrating when you go to all that effort to track down a bag,only to find that it doesn't work for you the way you thought it would.

    I don't think that you have to justify your returns...where I live I have to make just about all designer purchases online and it happens sometimes that I have to return things too. Plus,sometimes you have have to have a second look to decide.

    Pity you weren't around when I was trying to get rid of my brand new Spring black Stam. It's gone now though. (yippee).

    Better luck with your future purchases...what are you interested in now?
  13. Go get yourself something else you like instead. =) If you don't love it, don't keep it.