I'm ready for my 1st chanel purse - need help

  1. Hey guys...I need your help. I have saved up money and now I'm ready to purchase my 1st chanel purse:yahoo:and I'm soooo excited. I have set my eyes on the coco cabas maybe small or medium in black. Where can I find and purchase this purse...does anyone know how much? Please help...I would like to have the chanel coco cabas purse by this holiday....:love:

    Thanks guys
  2. i got my baby cabas on eBay but at the boutiques they are 1995US. Do you prefer the original coco cabas or the baby cabas? the original is larger and has the cc on the front of the bag. the baby cabas does not.
  3. the baby cabas is already very large, imo. you need to put your name on several waitlists and wait for the phone call. that is about the only way to do it unless you get REALLY lucky that a boutique has one lying around (or try eBay but i love buying chanels in the stores).

    congrats!!!!! i still remember the day when i got my very first chanel - the pst :biggrin:.
  4. The baby cabas is still floating around- you can find one if you call around, I'm sure. I would suggest calling the department stores first, like NM and Saks. I don't think the Chanel boutiques got them in this season, though I may be corrected. Good luck and congrats in advance for your first purchase!!
  5. Chanel Boutique @ Bellagio Las Vegas has had them in periodically. I tried it on about a month ago (after having and changing my mind about it before!) and falling in love with it again. Called back a day later and it was gone. Came in a week later and another one appeared! (Which, I thankfully snatched!) And they've had them come in subsequently when I've been in. So DEFINITELY call around. Call Chanel Bellagio @ (702) 765-5505 and ask for Jason. He's the best!

    By the way, the cabas is my FAVORITE bag! It's really amazing! I think you'll love it if you love larger, slouchy, unstructured bags! Good luck Purse Collector! Post pics when you get it!