I'm Quite Certain My Dog is Actually a Goat

  1. We have an invisible fence so she goes out by herself now. She eats anything outside. Twigs, dirt, acorns, more dirt, etc. Thank god she has enough sense not to eat poop. She isn't particularly destructive in the house, but did eat a portion of our carpeted mat that we keep by the back door. Lots of red carpet in her poop the next day. I use the command "leave it" which only seems to work in the house. I've tried a spray bottle to stop her outside but she sort of seems to like it in a fiendish way.
  2. What type of dog is she and how old? You can get a muzzle with a stool guard so she can't eat anything with it on. I had a poop eatig dog that I had to muzzle every time she went out to do her business. I loved that dog but she was gross. :throwup::lol:
  3. She's 8 months and is a black and tan coon hound. Poop isn't her snack dujour thank God. A muzzle, hmmm...I would hate to do that but it would be good for my kids.
  4. I have 2 golden's who are toilet paper hounds! I keep telling them "external use only!!" Doesn't work...cottonelle is their favorite brand.
  5. One of my dogs likes to chew on anything outdoors too. Sticks, pine cones, pine needles....small rocks....he's just a chewer. He likes to bring the sticks back in and make a nice sawdust mess for us too:smile:
  6. Do you walk your pup? Exercise is very important to dogs and they can develop behavioral issues if they aren't exercised enough. Letting her out into the yard isn't exercise. They love to walk! It's good for you and her :smile:
  7. I have 3 small dogs, a dog door & a fenced in yard. They tire themselves out chasing each other all over the place, as well as chasing my poor cats. They exercise plenty. Just one of mine chews. Other than that he's perfect:smile: He took to housetraining in record time.

    I honestly think its more anxiety - he does it mostly when we're not home. He is the youngest (will be a yr in March). He is more needy than the other 2 for some reason when it comes to human contact. He will follow me to the upstairs bathroom & sit outside the door waiting for me by himself while the other 2 could care less. He does this when my husb is home too - maybe I babied him to much when he was the 'new' puppy? I was just trying to help him fit in. He's totally attached to me. He does the same with hubby when I'm not home.
  8. I walk her, take her to the dog park weather permitting and take her to dog training. She's just nuts. She's very attached to me and quite anxious around others outside the family until she gets to know them.