I'm not sure if this is good news or scary!

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  1. LOL! and I thought they were restricted because of having so many fakes removed. :sad:
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  2. "Pffft" Hilarious.
  3. Very interesting!
  4. So. Is there anyplace to confidently purchase pre-loved bags any more?!
  5. there is no place can be 100%, some fakes can be so good to fool an expert, some authentic ones have so awful craftsmanship or mistakes made during the making you would think they are fakes.

    you have to weight the cons and pros yourself on buying second hand any items.
  6. Just to back up what others have already said - EASTVALESTORE just listed a VERY obvious FAKE "Coach".
    New With Tags COACH Brown Legacy Leather Satchel Bag

    So much for Ebay's "experts".

    Take a good look at the last 2 lines of text in the creed, which is supposed to say "our commitment to enduring quality"

    eastvalestore_fake creed w misspelling-a.jpg

    And I'm still trying to figure out if it says "TENDURING" or "DENDURING".
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  7. Sad but funny.
  8. LOL! We've seen that bag at least twice before! I wonder if the seller (who'd listed it with at least 2 different IDs, one of which is now NARU) decided to consign it with Eastvale Store on eBay.

    Reference the picture shown in this post:
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  9. Different handle wrapping and it looks like a different price tag too, including what looks like Chinese characters.
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    Yup, apparently there are many of that same style of fake floating around.

    ETA: This is one of the possible sources for them - I made the link not clickable:
    http://www DOT 8handbags DOT com/coach/satchels/coach-legacy-large-brass-satchels-aby.html
  11. That is the site I found. I sent a link to Coach @ counterfeits a few days ago.
  12. Although reported, the above listing from EASTVALESTORE was never removed. However when that listing ended, the seller relisted and the new listing was removed!!

    But apparently, the unflappable seller wasn't the least bit concerned. This is the newest current fake!
  13. I'm posting thumbnails for the Foach that BeenBurned mentioned. Anyone with even a kindergarten-level of Coach experience should have spotted this POS right away. Apparently EASTVALESTORE hasn't quite got their buyers and authenticators up to kindergarten level yet.

    Misaligned C pattern and NOTHING VISIBLE ON THE CREED PATCH. There is something apparently stamped but it's impossible to read. You'd never see that on a genuine Coach.

    eastvalestore_unk sig duffle-feb15-2018-b.jpg eastvalestore_unk sig duffle-feb15-2018-c.jpg eastvalestore_unk sig duffle-feb15-2018-d.jpg
  14. And as is way-too-often seen with ebay's special snowflakes, this counterfeit bag wasn't removed. It appears that ebay may have given the seller a heads up to end the listing rather than having it reported and removed.
  15. From my observations it has become increasingly difficult to purchase second-hand luxury items with a peace of mind since every site, even the the most trustworthy ones, seem to get fooled by fakes these days. I did manage to catch pretty bargains on eBay, all authentic bags, but that was almost four years ago. Personally I wouldn't buy from eBay anymore and this move reinforces this, especially since the "authenticators" seem to get fooled by fakes, even obvious ones, quite often.

    So I would like to share a few tips on how I go about significantly reducing the likelihood of getting a fake.
    • I assess whether it is worth buying preloved on a case-by-case basis. Seriously, when buying preloved there's always a risk of getting a fake. So if the amount I would save by buying preloved is so small compared to just buying it from the boutique or a department store, I would honestly just buy my item from the store. The only exception is if the item I am eyeing is a limited-edition piece, seasonal color or discontinued model.

    • I only buy preloved brands I am familiar with. Givenchy, for example, I am very familiar with, at least as far as the Antigona is concerned. Over the years of handling this bag at the store, I have collected many hallmarks of an authentic bag, so I can screen out any listing that looks suspicious to me. And even if the bag I end up getting looks and feels authentic, I always cross-reference it with the ones at my department store. I get that for some brands this may not always be realistic, e.g, Louis Vuitton or Chanel. In these cases, I would tell you to buy your first bag from the store and then preloved so you can always compare and contrast.

    • When in doubt, I authenticate the item here on TPF or use a professional authentication service. Since I only buy preloved items and brands that I am familiar with, I generally don't need a pre-purchase authentication since I know that rare items sell quickly. But once I get the item and I still am having a nagging doubt, I always use a professional authentication service.

    • I always pay with my credit card using PayPal or with Klarna for their buyer protection. This is especially helpful for sites that have a limited return policy or for eBay claims. I once bought a fake Burberry jacket through eBay for which I paid with my credit card, and eBay refused to side with me. I filed a chargeback through my CC company and the matter was settled within days. I even got to keep the jacket, which I dutifully handed over to the authorities to be taken out of circulation. Europe has very strict laws concerning counterfeits, and the seller in question never sold a single item again.
    Morale of the story: Buyer beware when buying from eBay, especially now. Best to avoid eBay altogether, imho.

    The very thought of getting stuck with a fake disgusts me, especially if I ever used a fake bag for months or years, thinking it is real...