I'm not in love

  1. I got the caramel 05 twiggy from AFF and after looking at it all weekend, I'm not in love. Will I have a hard time selling it on ebay since I have no way to prove it's authenticity?
  2. Aw, sorry to hear that! Honestly, if you have good pictures that show all the details that we look for, offer a fair price, and if you have a good ebay reputation, I think you'd have no trouble selling it. Good luck!
  3. ^ ITA with Glimmer! Pics of the areas that support authenticity would be fine, since the fakes haven't caught onto all the details yet (thankfully!) and Bbags have good resale, so you should be good!
  4. all right thanks, I will take pics tonight.
  5. Good luck!
  6. Aw, I'm so sorry to hear that! I know how that feels-- I had a similar experience with a cornflower bag. I know everyone has their own likes and for the price, I believe you should be totally in love with each and every Bbag!

    IMO you'll have no problem selling on Ebay... anyone who knows Balenciaga will be able to tell it's real. Like the others said, just be sure and take really good pictures of all the little details. Good luck! I think it will sell in a heartbeat!
  7. i'm sorry you havent fallen in love with this b-bag! yeah just take lots of pics! pics are great! good luck!
  8. get a good pics with all the details of the b-bag as many as possible...
    especially on the hardware, zippers, studz, numbers etc.
    good luck! :P
  9. Totally agree - as long as you have good pictures you will be fine:flowers:

  10. I know EXACTLY how you feel! I just won an 05 Sky Blue City on ebay and when I got it, I really LIKED it but just didn't LOVE the color like I thought I would... it's too bad b/c the leather on it is TDF! WAYYYYY thicker and squishier than my 06 Blueberry - but I LOVE the color on the Blueberry!
    Go figure!
  11. Definitely, really clear pics are the best way to prove authenticity. Receipts, serial numbers, and everything can be faked. If you take clear pics of the bag we will know it's authentic! And as long as you don't have brand new Ebay account with low or bad FB you should have no problem selling it! Try to take the pics in day light if you can though. Good luck!
  12. whats AFF?
  13. ^i think it's ann's fabulous finds.
  14. i think caramel is one of those basic colors that go with everything that can be seen as "boring" (no offense to you ttucker), so some people prefer the poppier, brighter b-bag colors. I like how i can use my caramel twiggy with every color imaginable, it just blends in so nicely. but again, everyone has their preferences. you won't have any trouble selling it on ebay without authenticity. good luck!
  15. Show us some pics please. I love that one i have one in darkbrown
    FX van Leeuwen