I'm new - I'd just like to say hi!!

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Well this is my very first post here and I am very exited.

    Just a little bit about myself - I bought my first designer handbag 2 years ago (an LV white MC pouchette) and just recently bought an LV grey Trapeze PM and now I think am officially hooked on handbags.

    I just thought I would let you guys know that you are all so knowledgable here and I am trying to get some ideas for my next purchase (for my b'day this year) and I currently have about 10 on my list : ) - thanks guys!!!
  2. Aussie in the house! Welcome to the forum, enjoy your stay. May it increase your knowledge and empty your wallet...
  3. Welcome aboard!
  4. Hey, hey, a fellow Aussie! Where are u? I'm in the Gippsland region of Victoria! Nice to "meet" you:smile:)

    Regarding your next purchase are you mostly only into LVs? Or are you flexible? Let us know and I'm sure we'll come up with lots of suggestions either way, lol!
  5. Welcome to this forum Aussie!
  6. welcome!!
  7. Welcome!! This forum is great! These ladies are so friendly,helpful and honest! I love it here!! If you were only a little addicted before finding this site-you are soon to become ALOT addicted!:lol:
  8. Welcome
  9. Glad to have you here AussieLVLover!!! Welcome to the family! You'll find a comfortable second home here, I did!:amuse:
  10. Welcome - this is a great place for handbag lovers:biggrin:
  11. Welcome!!!!
  12. Welcome and Enjoy !!!
  13. welcome, glad you are here.
  14. Welcome!!
  15. Welcome! :smile: