im mad got the call but no card

  1. i got the call 2 days ago i should be getting my pce card and i got nothing in the mail this is the second time i get a call and no card what should i do :confused1::sad:
  2. If you got a call then you will be fine. Just mention the call when you go in the store.
  3. I would go to the store and mention it. I wouldn't be too shocked if they have an incorrect address on record for you and that's why your cards aren't finding their way to you.
  4. i am going to call to ask them why i didnt get a call and make sure they have the right address!
  5. as long as you tell them in the store that you got a call, they will apply the 25% off for you. it's not a big deal. nothing to get upset about. they have MILLIONS of customers, they do the best they can to call or send the cards. but like the other poster said, a lot of times the address or number is wrong, and they store doesn't know. they cannot track down every single customer and ask if your address is correct.