I'm lusting over some bags :) - opinions please?

  1. HEY ladies :smile:
    I need your opinions. I want to get a new hobo bag for fall/winter and I have my eye on a few .. but I need your opinions. I'm awful with decisions. :smile:
    All I have right now is a large soho green twill tote and a hot pink signature C large hobo :smile:

    I'd love to get a few, but I'm eighteen and I'm a lifeguard. So needless to say my budget isn't too high :smile:
    I'm looking at a few on Ebay, so I'll probably purchase them from there - I live in the middle of Wisconsin with no outlet/stores nearby.

    first .. TIE DYE?

    I think I like the brown better, but I'm contemplating. I like the style (I know it's a unique taste :smile: )

    OKAY, so there's those. I like them both a lot. I don't have a brown bag, so that'd be nice, but I think white would look nice, too. AGH! I like the tie-dye satchels, too, but I do like shoulder bags.

    And one more option. I really like the khaki scribble hobo as well.

    OKAY GIRLS, give me your opinions. Especially if you have one of the bags. You guys are the experts.:tender:
  2. My vote is for the satchel. You said you already have some hobos, so a satchel would be a nice change.
  3. I LOVE them all!

    I currently own a pink tye dye satchel and I've used it... once. I, too, like shoulder bags and unless you want to really get used to a handbag... I'd stick with hobos. I regret my tye dye satchel but when I remember how rare it is, I fall in love again. HAHA
  4. I love the last one. It just looks more classic and I'm not so sure about tie die metallic look.
  5. LOL I'm kind of biased bc I have the last bag.. but I'd still vote for it if I didn't have it! It goes with everything and very cute =)

    The only thing to keep in mind if you buy one of the large hobos is that if you're petite/have narrow shoulders the strap tends to slip off a bit. That's the only thing I don't like about it.. other than that it's fabulous.
  6. I like the khaki hobo the best!:yes:
  7. I liked last year's tie dye better so I'm going with the last one. that is cute!
  8. I like the last one too
  9. I like the Khaki Scribble best.
  10. I also like the Khaki Scribble best. The tie-dye might look dated after a while; the scribble is more subtle.
  11. I like the satchel alot and the brown tie dye hobo!
  12. i absolutely love the satchel!
  13. love the satchel!!

    if you get the hobo (the last one) there's a matchin wristlet on eBay for less than $50.
  14. Love these two! --

  15. I love them all.