im looking for...

  1. a pochette...i don't really like the monogram line as i dont like patina...
    do u guys have any suggestions? im thinking of getting either a second hand one or a cheaper one because i dont think i will care for it too much like i do with my other ones...........TIA
  2. how about the Damier Navona? it won't patina and if it gets dirty it won't be noticeable :yes:
  3. i tried bidding on it today and lost....i think retail + tax is not what im looking for (Sorry if i sound cheap but i just bought a lot in the past month)...
  4. lee69..u're always here whenever i need u haha..:yahoo:
    i was looking at the epi yellow one u listed...but then i was thinking the style of the epi stretch one seemed more u think it's too flat though? i'm actually comparing between the different sizes..and it's hard to imagine what it'll look like on me..:shrugs:

  5. I have both - if you can tell me what you want to pack in, I can help you figure out which is the better size.
  6. i dunno..just regular stuff..sorry im not being very helpful here..i guess i just want a clutch of some sort because i have the papillon 19...
    maybe..just go ahead with the epi stretch one? the thinness is quite shocking although i think the style is really unique..
  7. It's definitely a unique bag compared to the other LV pochettes. It just not a bag for someone who needs to carry a lot of stuff. I use my regular epi pochette more but I :heart: the epi stretch pochette. Good luck in your decision. Let me know if you have more questions!
  8. thanks! u've provided great help (though we've been chatting in 2 different threads) lol!
  9. just as i was refreshing the forum's page...what about a wapity? hmm..decisions, decisions!
  10. :shame: I'm glad I help....sometimes:Push: . Looks like you like the Epi stretch more...since it's discontinued, that makes it more unique. yeah,let us know what you decide!:yes:
  11. Wapity:nuts: :nuts: :nuts: Oh yeah baby...this is a very useful accessory!:yes: I love mine dearly.
  12. but if i just take the wapity out..won't it seem dangling...? u know what i mean? without style...? do u have the monogram one? i can't seem to find a damier one..
  13. hey ya!!! if you dont like patina - then totally go for an EPI pochette!!! dont forget the wapity will patina too... right??? :shrugs: i could be wrong, but im sure it would... LOL!!! hehehe! :shame:
  14. that is true..but wouldn't the epi pochette fade or something?
    i dunno..i've always wanted something from both the epi and MC line...i just need some courage here!!