I'm looking for a Chanel Catalog

  1. Does anyone know if there is a catalog or something similar (maybe even a thread) available that shows all the Chanel handbag types with pictures? Please help,

    Thanks Anthony :confused1:
  2. they have it on eBay..u have to buy it though
  3. Thanks for your response, but do you know if the catalog on eBay was written by a third party, or is it a Chanel publication?

  4. Last week I phoned the 1 800 line and asked for the current catalog and just received it. During the conversation I asked if there was a separate purse/accessory catalog and apparently there isn't. It's irritating to have to call for a catalog; I used to get them. I'll get the ultra jewelry or the J12 brochures but the rtw only sporadically. Funny some stuff you wish you'd drop off the mailing list while Chanel one has to call and ask. . .
  5. Does anybody have a 1 800 number that will work in Canada?

  6. When I put my name in the mailing list at Bond Street, I begun to catalogues on a regular basis, maybe thats the best way forward as its free