Im learning to drive with a large driving company... >>

  1. My instructor is going on holiday for 2 weeks though and I really wanted to learn by June, I have 2hrs per week, and have had 24 hours so far with the same instructor.
    When he's away should I have my lessons with someone else? Or is that a bad idea? Has anyone here swapped instructors before?
    Please let me know how it went.
    Thanks xx
  2. can someone else take you out now that you have the basics down?
  3. Well, I only drove for about 4 hours with an instructor from a driving school. After that SO would make me drive to school everyday while he sat in the passenger seat...I learned much faster that way!

    As for getting a different instructor I would think it's a good idea because essentially you are learning to do something that you have to do on your own sometime. It's not like you're going to have your instructor around all the time. (I felt the same way, but got used to it soon enough)