I'm in trouble now!

  1. I had made a goal to stay away from Holt Renfew and the LV Boutique, until my Azur Speedy arrives in fear that I'll end up seeing something I like and just HAVE to have. Tommorrow I'm going in for an interview for a work experience in the mall where Holt Renfrew is! Its going to be hard going there knowing that Holt Renfrew and all those LV bags are literally right above me! Also the LV Boutique is only about 2 blocks away! Must...stay....away!
  2. lol. bring a buddy thats doesnt like lv to put a blindfold on you and steer you away!
  3. :smile: Good luck with your interview! And good luck with self-control!! Haha
  4. Good Luck! on the bright side, w/LV so near by, it's going to be a great motivation for work ^^
  5. Good luck!
  6. Good luck arnott! And uh-uh... *shakes head*... you're on the banwagon now!
  7. Good luck! lol
  8. LOL! :roflmfao:
  9. hahaha! self control is kinda hard...
  10. Good luck with your interview :smile:
  11. :p good luck and self control...
  12. good luck with the interview...but then if you feel you do well or even get a job..you do deserve a treat..

    or you can wait to get your first paycheck and give yourself a BIGGER treat! haha...i'm bad..sorry.
  13. Good luck with the interview! I can't imagine living 2 blocks away from the LV boutique- I think I'd be broke! lol
  14. Good luck! If it was me....no question, I couldn't resist! :smile:
  15. ITA!!!!! I complain, a lot, as we have no LV boutique here in Knoxville...however, I s'pose it's a good thing...not sure how strong I could be!!!

    Good luck girl!!!