I'm in total SHOCK!!


Feb 2, 2006
OMG, I can't believe what just happened. Just yesterday I told my DH that I thought the green perforated speedy in green was cute. I had told this morning I called LV and they had one left but I wasn't sure I wanted it anymore because I want to save up to buy a birkin. So this afternoon, he says he was eating lunch downtown and decided to drop by LV to look at shoes, and to look at the new collection. He said they were all sold out. okay so I wasn't really sad or anything because I already had decided on the birkin. NOw fast forward to now, I was just getting ready to go to bed when in he walks with a LV bag, and he says there was only one left in LV neiman marcus. agghhhh.. I'm in disbelief. I was soooo mad at him yesterday cuz I had been stressing off my toddler, and he wasn't no help. Now I swear he is the best DH on earth..HE does this to me everytime. Sorry such a long post.. just soo excited and thrilled and I love the bag. I love him.. here are some pics


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Congratulations!!! I love the piece! your recent posts about the perforated line really got me thinking!! haha... well we all know what bag you'll be wearing tomorrow!;)
Congrats! I was a never a big fan of the perforated line but at least you like it. It's funny how handbags can be a short term fix for anything. :biggrin: Happens to me all the time.
Omg, I love your husband too!!! ;P I love him because he's so sweet to you!

Congrats on a lovely bag and a darling husband! If your husband is available to give my boyfriend some tips, please let me know ;P