I'm in so much pain! Acne Breakout

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  1. Last week I had a few breakouts on my face so I went to sephora and they told me to try the murad kit. I expected it to clear up my breakouts not make it 100% worse. I'm being serious. My face is completely broken out, forehead, neck, cheeks, you name it. I've never had acne this bad and I've taken before and after photos. Is this normal?
    Before: As you can see barely any breakouts and this is without foundation and photoshop

    i honestly feel so embarrassed posting these photos but this is a huge difference :sad: it's extremely painful and they're cystic breakouts it seems.
  2. A bit off topic but I love your skin! I tend to get bad breakouts too from certain products. Perhaps visit the doctors or skin specialist? You wouldn't want to use products that may make it worse or even leave acne scars.
  3. I'm so sorry about your break out. I get really painful ones on my back with a lot of products, soaps, shower gels, shampoo, conditioner etr. Try to stick with products that are dermatological and allergy approved, I like Avene. Looks like a very bad reaction from Murad. Go back to Sephora and tell them you need a refund because their products suck and made you sick.
  4. That looks ilke some kind of reaction compared to your original photo. I'm very sensistive to products, the only facewash I can use is Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser (not the face specific one), otherwise my face goes crazy.

  5. same here i don't buy any of those cosmetic acne crap things it's just full of stuff that will make your skin worse...too many harsh chemicals that will aggravate pores especially on sensitive skin

    OP just use Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser and their moisturizer with SPF 15 also try Queen Helene Mint Julep face mask.

    Worse comes to worse I would book a derm appointment stat and also get a facial at the derms office not a spa so they can properly clean out your pores.

    I use to have bad acne then was put on accutane after years of unsuccessful treatments and recently i was having breakouts along my temples when i started using organic hair products and once i stopped they went away.
  6. I agree with Lily. Your skin was flawless before, you deserve a refund considering how expensive Murad is.
    I've had a persistent cystic acne breakout over the past month, when I have NEVER had a single cystic pimple in my life before that. I'm currently trying out the acne.org Regimen that someone made a thread about in this forum, if you're interested check it out (it's called Acne products that work, or something).
  7. First - you are a very pretty young lady, lovely big eyes!

    Second - I agree with other posters, to try Cetaphil. Because it's very mild and many derms recommend it. Also, make an appointment with your derm since it is cystic acne.
  8. You are absolutely gorgeous. It definitely looks like a reaction. Stop using immediately! Hopefully you will be able to get your beautiful skin back with products that work properly.
  9. I agree. I truly think the harsher products get the cycle going again. I am 33 and I still get break outs. I used ever product you can think of and the only thing that finally worked for me is Obagi Nuderm gentle cleanser. It is soap and dye free. It gets your skin very clean without stripping it and stimulating more break outs. Cetaphil is also quite gentle. Good Luck :smile:
  10. ^or instead of Cetaphil, CeraVe has a cleanser as well...
  11. Maybe try Jojoba oil? A lot of acne blogs rave about but I don't think what you have is acne, it looks more to me like an allergic reaction. Like most posters have said, go and get Cetaphil or JnJ purpose (both are very gentle) and a calm moisturizer. Personally, I use Jojoba oil because I have very sensitive skin that happens to be very dry as well. The cetaphil moisturizer stings my face (not quite sure why).
  12. i returned the crap. i'll continue using my philosophy facewash until i pick up cetaphil. my friend who works there said the lady definitely should have not sold that to me that my face had a horrible reaction.
  13. It sure looks like a reaction, refund the product.

    I agree with visiting skin doctor to determine the root of the problem.

    Out of topic: You have a very nice smile.