I'm In Prada Heaven

  1. I never really looked at Prada bags before because all the Prada bags I ever saw were the nylon ones and probably fake ones from around here. So I thought all Prada bags were nylon. I like the nylon bags but prefer leather. Then I came to TPF and I have discovered all kinds of bags. Well here are my new Prada bags. I think I am in Prada Heaven. I love both of these the leathers are TDF! I cant wait for my next one!


  2. :drool::drool::drool:I love Prada heaven. I don't want to leave!!!! Love your purses!!!
  3. BEAUTIFUL!!! :okay:
  4. Beautiful! I especially love the cervo!
  5. Two classic beauties! I hope you'll enjoy them down here on earth! :tup:
  6. Beautiful bags! Were you able to find them on sale?
  7. wow, beautiful bags! congrats!
  8. Great bags:tup: I actually purchased the washed leather bag thru BG a month ago but the one I got was HUGE. The size of your bag is perfect...wish I had gotten that instead.
  9. kiss_p- I got the washed bag on sale for 50% off Thanks to miu2. In the deals thread she posted a Prada Store that had them for half off.

    nina_mac- I tried for that bag at NM but thought it might be to big, I am so glad I waited now, this is the perfect size 14" L 10" H.

    I just moved into the Antik Cervo today and am lovin it!
    Thanks everyone for all your replys.
  10. Gorgeous bags. I love the top frame bag. I want my next Prada to be a frame bag.
  11. Congratulations and welcome to the hellishly heavenly place that is a Prada obsession !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. You have a good eye. These 2 bags are great classics to kick-off your Prada collection, which I'm sure will continue to grow. Prada is addictive lolz...
  13. Love them!
  14. Wow- LOVE that washed leather satchel!
  15. i am in love with the beige one.