i'm in loveeeee!

  1. hey everyone! i don't usually post in here but i was randomly surfing the gucci website with my sister (cos she's a gucci fan) and i came upon this wallet and i knew i HAD to have it.

    i've been looking for a small wallet and this is just perfect! i can't decide on the colour though. the white one has the classic gucci colours but the red/brownish one is just tdf in my opinion. which one should i get?

    also, this wallet is different on the US website and on the international website. on the US website, the coin pocket is inside the wallet (3rd picture) but on the int'l site it's not? can anyone tell me why this is the case? TIA!
    181670_F4FOG_8420.jpg 181670_FTA7G_9694.jpg gucci.jpg
  2. i'd get the brownish one because wallets tend to get dirty. the white one might be hard to maintain.
  3. i agree that wallet is hott (yes with two t's!!)

    and it depends on what bag youll be using it with and um how clean u are ;) haha and if its ur only gucci wallet...if so id get something a little more classic a la red and green...vs if u have a few of them then go crazy with the hot fall colors!!

    and i know on purses sometimes the inside pocket is included or not depending which plant makes it! not sure if its the same for the pockets!! id love to know as well!
    good luck and congrats in advance!
  4. love the brown!
  5. luv this wallet (im also planning to get this as well but in the black leather) id pick the brown with the burgundy leather trim.
  6. so cute.
  7. thanks everyone for your comments. i'm leaning towards the burgundy one right now, but i guess we shall see when i see them irl?! i'm going to get it tmr! sooooooo excited!!!
  8. Love the Wallets. Can't wait to see which one you get.
  9. I like the second one!
  10. I like the 2nd one, too.
  11. You have wonderful taste! :smile: I've had my eye on the same wallet (bordeaux) but the continental one. I've been trying to decide for so long if I should get it, but seeing the opinions here on the bordeaux has finally made up my mind. I love that wallet! GREAT CHOICE!
  12. thanks! the wallet is just too gorgeous! i saw it on the website and my eyes went POP! :drool:
  13. 2nd one!