I'm in love with the Leigh Satchel

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  1. I bought the Lily and it was just too heavy for me. I got the Leigh instead. It is beautiful, fits all my stuff, and doesn't kill my back. Oh...I got the whisky.
  2. Congrats! I'm hoping to get the Leigh in December!! I also have Lily and she's heavy for sure, but I love the bag!!
  3. I love my Leigh too! I got it in Juniper (which is similar to a bottle green color). It's perfect!
  4. I have the Whiskey also and love it! It's much more comfortable than my other legacy bags, and fits a big more than the shoulder bag.
  5. I'm getting my Leigh today! I agree, the Lily is just too heavy and big for a day to day bag. I love the satchel look of the Leigh, but with only one strap! Can't wait! I'm getting black, although I really love the whiskey color. But, I need a black bag right now.
  6. Woo hoo! Mine is on its way to me as we speak! I got the Chocolate signature. I'm usually a leather girl, but something about that legacy chocolate sig just gets to me!!
  7. I have the chocolate sig too! I love it. You'll love it too.
  8. I got my Leigh today in black leather. I love it, but it's sooooo heavy! The signature was lighter, but I needed black. Now I'm wondering if I want to keep it. It's so beautiful though!!!