I'm in love-- $80 Juicy Couture tracksuit in royal purple!

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  1. Hey ladies! I just had to share pics; I picked up this tracksuit at Neiman's for $80 total! :yahoo: I got a Juicy kimono top for $50 too. Their prices are unbelievable right now! I love my purple... :girlsigh: I love how comfortable the pants are and the way they fit. Anyway, see below!


  2. I love the color and you got a GREAT deal! It looks fab! Congrats :tup:
  3. Thank you! :love:
  4. You look great, the color really suits you.
  5. oh, what a gorgeous color :smile:
  6. love the color and the model pose! lol too cute.
  7. Wow, great price and very cute, congrats!
  8. Looks great, love the color! Can't believe the great price!!
  9. love the color. I have a few juicy sets they are addictive so watch out!
  10. congrats on the suit and the great deal! I :heart: juicy
  11. I have that color in the hoodie too, and I love it! You look so cute in it!
  12. what a hot deal~!
    the color looks so good!
  13. great deal!
    i love that colour :smile:
  14. Love the color too! Lucky find!
  15. looks great on you! I love that color. Juicy makes tracksuits in some of the best colors.