I'm in loooooove.... AMAZING Greige Classique!

  1. You can't beat that price! This will be gone in no time!
  2. Good luck with your sale, Rondafaye!!!! the leather looks TDF :P
  3. Thanks, everyone. It is a really nice bag. The leather is really pretty in person. I am only selling because a) I need the money for the holidays and b) I want a larger bag.

    I hope it sells by the time I get home tonight. My daughter is home from college and we have seen two movies today: The Queen and Blood Diamond. Now we are going to see another one! We are a nutty family!
  4. Good luck Rondafaye! That is a beautiful bag at a great price. I love my greige twiggy, it's a fantastic color!
  5. Ronda, what happened?
  6. I sold my Marc Jacobs bowler, which eased my immediate need for cash. I took another look at the greige and decided she is too pretty to sell! Call me crazy, but . . .
  7. ^^ yay for you Ronda-girl!!! :wlae:
  8. i got home from work last night, all ready to BIN....and it was gone:crybaby:

    probably for the better. I should really make a priority wish list and only buy those items!
  9. I don't blame you for changing your mind. It is a fabulous bag!!