i'm having trouble with my signature...

  1. i'm not 100% sure im supposed to post here...but i wanted to update my wishlist in the signature area...and it keep saying i already have 1000 characters or something...i've seen sigs wayyyyyy bigger than mine and was wondering, do i not have enough posts yet?
  2. You had an enormous amount of redundant color and size tags in your signature, making it too big in size. I cleared it for you.

    My suggestion is - write down all the text in your signature, don't format it with colors, sizes, fonts just yet. Once done, tweak it. If you want the whole signature to be of smaller size or different font, select it all and set the font. Don't mark every word/sentence/line individually. Go on until it looks the way you want it to look.

    That should keep the sig size small.
  3. ohhhhhhh now i feel like a major dork lol...thanks vlad! especially for the speedy reply
  4. i am still having trouble with my signature. how can mine be just at 1000 characters and the one below, for example, be less than that? i have one color, size 1 and arial font and no links. im sooooo confused! please help!


    My Current Wishlist
    Balenciaga Turquoise & Apple Green Twiggy
    Balenciaga Black Twiggy
    Balenciaga Coin Purses
    Chanel Black Baby Cabas
    Louis Vuitton Sweet Monogram Necklace
    Louis Vuitton Keepall 50 w Strap
    A Winter Coat
    My First Pair of Designer Shoes
    and finally...for hubby to get one of the above for my birthday (nah...that's probably too much to ask for LOL!)
  5. Are you using colors? Colors takes more... diff fonts, sizes, and graphics take a lot!
  6. take a look at my signature below, it will not allow me to add anything more to it than that. i just have one color, but even if i do make it the default black, it still does not allow me to add any more type :confused1:
  7. hey, it works now!