i'm having an itch.

  1. i could get either the red bordeaux e/w classic flap or the blk med. caviar w/ silver HW, i already have the blk med. w/ Gold HW.

    which one would you get? or should i get neither?
  2. r u still getting the baby coco cabas?
  3. when it comes in, SA said i have a good chance of getting it, but i'm having the itch now.
  4. bordeux as you have the black already
  5. I'd go for the bordeaux, too. I am surprised at how much I wear my diamond shine in bordeaux. It goes with so much and I love the color!
  6. have u seen the bordeaux in caviar irl? i have no idea how it looks. and how big is your diamond shine? i've seen some pics of it and absolutely love the style, oh, one last thing, how much was it?
  7. Go for the bordeaux since you already have a black.
  8. Bordeaux...the colour looks fab!!! :love:
  9. Hi there--I do love the diamond shine flap, but it is quite small. I am not sure what to compare it to, but maybe a medium flap? I can fit an LV wallet, cell phone, lipstick and hand sanitizer, but not much else!! It was $1495.
  10. Bordeaux!!!! It's a beautiful bag. I missed my opportunity.
  11. what style did you see it in?
  12. the diamond shine flap actually FITS a WHOLE LOT more than the classic flap. i can fit my long continental gucci guccissima wallet in there along with my other essentials! it's because there is no annoying middle flap like in the classic flaps. I have one in the black. it is gorgeous. it is not actually patent leather but caviar that is coated with a gorgeous sheen that is not overly shiny at all. i love it and i wear it day and night.

    takeoutbox, where did you find the bordeaux classic flap e/w?
  13. Bordeaux! the color is gorgeous
    and besides, its not healthy for the soul to have a Chanel itch
    not at all................must be relieved
  14. How many bags are you up to now??!! hehe
  15. Everyone needs a red bag!