I'm having a heart attack!! Buyer said she received an EMPTY BOX!!

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  1. Ladies, I so need your advise!

    I sold a Celine bag on eBay, shipped it yesterday morning to the buyer using USPS Express mail with insurance coverage and signature required. It is being sent to a paypal confirmed address (a PO Box).

    I just got an email from the buyer and she said the box is empty! I just called USPS they told me I can file a claim for loss of content. They said the packaging could have been damaged when it was being processed, but based on what the buyer told me, when she received the bag it wasn't open and it was taped!! Could some USPS guy stole the bag inside??

    I am about to cry now!! Please help!!
  2. I know you will soon get tons of great advice, but how much does your receipt say the box weighs?
  3. Good luck with this. Why do I this the buyer is up to something fishy!? I have heard one too many eBay scams lately. Please keep us posted. You did the right thing by getting insurance and signature confirmation.
  4. I am so very sorry OP, that this also happen to you.
  5. Did you buy the postage at the window? if so you can prove that it was scaled at the post office before being shipped. Empty box shouldn't be more than 1lb.
  6. Yes!! Thank god! Going to post office now
  7. Keep us posted...

    Ask the buyer to send you pics of what the box looked like...
  8. While at the Post Office maybe you can file Mail Fraud report.
  9. Does the buyer have a sketchy feedback history?
  10. No, she seems to have pretty good feedback....
  11. First, OP, i want to tell you how sorry i am that you are having to deal with this atrocity.
    Secondly, as jaded and presumptuous as I may sound, I absolutely, unequivocally DO NOT BELIEVE that your "buyer ahem *thief*" received an "empty box"... while there is the usual devil's advocate who will chime in and say that jumping the gun and blaming the buyer is unfair, I will openly admit to being accusatory towards this buyer... but hands down, this has just become the oldest trick in the book, and out of all of the parties involved in this transaction, (from seller to USPS to your "buyer") the buyer is the person in this transaction who KNEW what was in the box, desired the expensive and coveted item, and has the seller and USPS at their mercy.
    I would immediately contact the USPS and do every single thing possible with regards to an aggressive fraud claim, and let the seller know that under no uncertain terms, will you let this go without fraud investigations and reports to the fullest extent possible. This can be done without coming out and blatantly accusing the buyer, but to be frank, I am sad to say that another criminal has outright stolen via a horribly flawed system.
    It just blows me away how many sociopathic, entitled and soul-less scumbag fiends get away with felonious offenses and think NOTHING of scamming, stealing, lying!!! omg WHAT THE :censor: is WRONG with our society?!?! :throwup::rant::cursing::sick:
    Again, I am SOOOOO sorry OP, and please fight fight with all of your might against this criminal!!
  12. ITA agree with everything You said. I dont buy empty box story. no way
  13. Think that you need to let your buyer know that you will be taking appropriate

    steps in this situation & ask her to keep the box & everything that was inside

    & ask for pics....
  14. ^^ditto.

    The empty box and immediate filing of PayPal dispute goes hand in hand with a pretty old trick in the book.

    I believe you can find out the buyer's contact info (telephone #) now if I'm not mistaken. Give this information to the authorities.
  15. Did you check her on toolhaus? If not, I would immediately...
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