I'm going to travel, and I need advice...

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  1. Hey you guys, I'm new to the forum, and I found a such a great place here. I been browsing the threads day after day, so I decided to finally post.:biggrin:

    I'm going to visit my fiance for a week, and I'm not to fond of checking in luggage on planes. I been stressing over which keepall to get for a while now.... So which keepall would be good to carry-on? I'm looking for the largest one I could get with a shoulder strap. I know that the 55 is the largest, but then again, the 60 isn't that much larger than the 55. HEEELLLP!:shame:
  2. 55 is the safest to go with although I've heard that it's possible to get on a 60 if it isn't full or anything, but personally I wouldn't risk it. I flew with a full 55 about a month ago, and it barely fitted, but as long as you don't fill the 60 that probably won't be a problem. I'm considering buying a 60 too, but only for trainrides as I'm too nervous about being told to check in my luggage.
  3. We were just talking about this in the "Do you buy the luggage?" thread...........

    I too have heard of people taking the 60 on the plane but I don't know if I would. Technically, its too large (by size regulations) to fit in the overhead but like sweetlove said, if its not full, it will fit. The 55 fits even when full. So I would go the 55 route if you'r taking a lot of stuff and want to make sure you can take the bag on the plane.
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