I'm going to London, I'm going to London, OMG Im going to London!!!

  1. In case you guys couldn't tell, I am seriously excited about it.
    I will be spending about 2 weeks there.

    -So now I need recommendations! Places to go, places to eat, your favourite haunts and places to go that are not part of main attractions.

    -And also gardens and parks..cause I wanna be able to take pretty pics of it for my mom.

    -Hopefully I will be able to see most of the main attractions, and I also wanna take a day trip out of London. Is 2 weeks enough? I am now thinking about extending it to 3 weeks but London is EXPENSIVE!!!!

    -What's the weather like in early November? Would I need to bring a jacket? Or would a blazer or maybe a down vest be enough?

    -I'm also gonna be on a budget, but what is the one(or maybe two) things that I have to absolutely splurge on?!?!

    -Should I get a travelcard or an oyster card? or should I get a travelcard loaded into an oyster card? All those details are confusing me!!!

    -I definitely wanna do the whole tea thing. I was thinking of the Orangery. anyone been there??

    Ok..I know I have lots of questions and I probably have tons more coming up..but that's it for now.


    :yahoo::wlae::wlae::yahoo: OMG Im so excited!!!!!
  2. Hiya!
    -All the Designer boutiques are down Sloane Street (Chanel,Louis Vuitton,Dior,Pucci ect and also is a short walk to Harrods wich is a must ! So you can go on the underground (And i think you should try and avoid weekends for majour shopping cause it can get so busy on the underground!) So you can go on the underground to Knighsbridge and then your right next to Harrods and Sloane street , Take a good look around Harrods it's amazing!

    -Heres a good website that tells you places to go to eat around London like where you can have afternoon tea and stuff http://www.visitlondon.com/attractions/eat/afternoon-tea.

    -I think 2 weeks should really be enough , I went to 3 Museums , Sloane street and more in 1DAY! So i'm sure you can fit everything in.

    -Well in General England has crappy weather , we only have nice weather really in June/July/August time so you have to bring a coat for sure and maybe a few jumpers or something!

    -Splurge out at Harrods! They have a amazing food hall!

    If you have any other questions PM me! Have fun!
  3. I'd be excited too! I love London. For day trips, you can visit Bath, go to Stratford-on-Avon to see Shakespeare's home village, Stonehenge. It's an easy train ride to Hampton Court Palace. Windsor isn't far either.

    Be sure to go to the theatre--they have the best shows and there are 1/2 price booths the day of performances.

    So many museums, never enough time. The Victoria & Albert Museum is often overlooked but I've heard it's well worth a stop. The british Museum, the Tate Gallery are fantastic. Tower of London is a classic thing to see and tour. London Walks has lots of interesting group walks around different themes in the city.

    Definitely stop at Harrods and see the Food Hall!

    That's off the top of my head. Do a little online searching and you can get all the info you need. Have a super time!
  4. Ooh...which museums were they? Just so I know which museums/attractions I can group together into one day.

    Crappy weather? Aww shucks! I'm not gonna have to pack my boots now do I?
  5. Oh yes..I definitely wanna see Bath and Stonehenge and maybe if I have extra time The Cotswolds.

    And I actually forgot all about the theatre!!!

    I've been living on the tripadvisor forum trying to get an idea what my itinerary is gonna be like....theres just so much I wanna do. Gotta plan a 2nd trip to London.
  6. I wish I were going to London!! :sad:

    Have a fabulous time!
  7. Clothes for November is layers the shops will be hot the streets COLD(and most likely wet yuck)

    The V& A Museum which Boxermom mentioned is starting a exhibition about Couture all beautiful Dior, Chanel etc Gowns it should be stunning

    And the Tutenkarmun exhibition is showing in The O2 AKA The Millenium Dome (AKA I huge waste of money LOL long story the UKer's will understand) but not sure how long both are running


    Here's details about V&A http://www.vam.ac.uk/vastatic/microsites/1486_couture/

    and here is the TUtenkhamun info tickets go on sale tomorrow but the exhibition isn't on until Novemeber it is expected to sell out fast but maybe that's just hype who knows http://tutankhamunexhibitionlondon.co.uk/
  8. Ohh thats great! Hope you have fun!!
    Parks - Hyde Park, kensington gardens (check out the golden dandelions that have been put up in memory of Princess Diana)
    Holland park has a lovely Zen Garden type thing, very relaxing.
    Also, as mentioned if you can make it to Hampton court that would be great - if you do pass by Richmond park.
    Shopping - def Knightsbridge, Harrods, Sloane street, bond street, Dover street market.
    Check out Notting hill and Covent garden.
    British Museum, V&A museum.

    You must have afternoon tea, and if you can splurge go to the Lanesborough-its fabulous! But if not check out the afternoon tea at harrods in the georgian restaurant, its about 19 pounds I think.

    If you have any interests or anything else specific please feel free to pm me.
  9. it'll be cold in November. And I really think that two weeks should be enough (I've never stayed more than 5 days and even that was enough -for me :p ) I'd recommend walking around a bit instead of taking public transportation everywhere -get lost! That's what I usually do when I visit new places, and I always find my way and some really nice hidden places I wouldn't have thought of visiting otherwise. I went to St. James park the last time I was there, it was nice. Have fun! :flowers:
  10. Well my suggestions are to visit the following:

    The London Eye is a big slow moving ferris wheel that gives you different views of the city and the Thames River.

    The tower of London, Buckingham palace, Chinatown in Downtown London, Big Ben

    If you can get a tour on the Thames River boat rides. Those are really good.

    Outside of the City go to Milton Keynes mall. It is very nice. Also, pay attention to the signs it is really cool. In the states Pedestrians are priority. Over in England, There are signs that say pedestrians are not priority. LOL!

    There is a great soap store in London that is called Lush. They have great handmade products and it is wonderful because you can smell the store a mile away. It is a great store. Also Harrods would be the place to shop and splurge too.

    You could go to hard rock cafe' because it is the first one.
    Sticky fingers is supposed to be a really good restaurant and also the snooty fox is a great restaurant. I also liked Garfunkels too. Always have change because you will pay for every thing. Condiments like ketchup, mustard etc. Also, in certain areas you have to pay to use the toilets so do be mindful when you are traveling during the day. Also don't forget to try their ice cream cones. They come wrapped and they sell them at certain stands. They are called cornettos or something like that.

    Those are some of my suggestions. You will meet some wonderful people when I went everyone was so nice. I wouldn't mind living there for a year or two. I think you will really enjoy yourself. It is a beautiful country with really nice people. Have fun and remember be on the lookout for pickpocketers. They are notorious in Europe. Have a safe trip.

    Also one last thing: If you do spluge there is a form that you can fill out to claim so of the money back because you are a tourist. Look into if before you go.
  11. right, oyster card.. you need one, i'm not sure they even sell weekly travelcards on paper tickets anymore. plus it's quicker to get in and out of the ticket gates with an oyster card :lol:

    november can be really cold but it might also be fine. you definitely need a jacket though, there's no way around that. and do bring waterproof shoes (and an umbrella), you'll probably need them.

    i'll post some more stuff when i think of it.. it's hard to do this sort of thing for somewhere you live :lol:
  12. Afternoon tea at the Ritz is fab.

    Have a look at this cool website. You can go on a virtual trip down the main shopping streets and check them out.
  13. oh yes, i meant to comment on this. don't worry about them that much, just be sensible. london is no worse for pickpockets than any other big city. i don't worry about them at all on a day to day basis.

    i'm not sure how much i'd agree that europe as a whole is notorious for pickpockets either :confused1: certain cities maybe, but hardly the continent as a whole. if i were in a bad mood today i might be offended by that implication :whistle:
  14. That is a little harsh. I was born and grew up in Central London, I have never been robbed, mugged or pick pocketed, nor have any of my family. I really don't think Europe is any worse that any other continent for street crime. As with all big cities, if you don't take risks you will be safe.
  15. @ Lamiastella: U can sneak into my suitcase if u want!!! hehe!!!

    @ Label Addict: I'm actually leaving before the Tutankhamun exhibition starts. But I will definitely check out V&A's Couture exhibition.

    @ Noon: Thx for the suggestions. Maybe I'll just splurge and go do tea at Lanesborough or the Ritz...after all, it's not everyday I get to go to London and just sit in the afternoon and enjoy tea.

    @Keya: well..according to the itineraries I see online and according to everyone else, I know 2 weeks is enough. I'm just afraid I'd get too sidetracked with something aka shopping and forget about everything else.

    @ dmitchell15: Hmm..we already have a Lush in New York but is there anything they have that the ones in Ny doesn't?
    The road signs where? In London?? Ooh...I so have to take pics of it! haha!!!

    @Glynis: OMG! thanks for that website!!! Now I know that I ABSOLUTELY have to go into every store!!!!

    Oh boy..my credit card companies are gonna fall madly in lvoe with me...haha

    -OK..so oyster cards it is.

    More questions...

    -would everyone look at me funny if I wore my Jcrew rain boots?!?!:smile:

    -OKok..I know the dollar is weak..and I will not be taking traveller's cheques with me(I heard that they can be quite a pain)...so my qn is..where should I change my money at? The States? or in London? Or should I just skip the money-changing process and just withdraw money from my bank card?!?!?!