I'm going to cry.

  1. I can't find my berry Venetia. I last took pictures of it months ago and thought it was in my closet all this time. But I wanted to get it out tonight for more photos, and it's not in my closet. I've scoured the guest room, the office, my car, suitcases, EVERYWHERE...and I can't find it! Now I'm second guessing myself. Did I sell it already and don't remember? I checked my bank statements and all deposits for the last year are accounted for. I know I didn't loan it out. I don't know what to do. I am so upset.:cursing:
    Maybe it'll show up when I least expect it? The only person who had any access to our house when we weren't here was our dog sitter and I know she would not take it. :crybaby::cry::rant::mad::shocked::hysteric:
  2. take a deep breath......
    have a martini(preferably chocolate).....take a few mins...then go retrace where u may have put it.Do u have a fresh pair of eyes(SO,Friend?)That can help u look?
    I swear to god.Last night I was looking all over for my iphone....and I was holding it to my ear on hold....ROFLMAO...(NO I wasnt having martinis either...SIGH)
    Sometimes u just need a fresh eye to help u look!
    GOOD LUCK!!!!
  3. you will find it.....if you sold it (maybe on eBay?) you can look it up....but i would bet it is in your closet somewhere....!
  4. eBay only lets you go back 60 days (I tried, believe me!). But any money from a sale would have gone through Paypal or a deposit in my checking account...and nothing is showing that is unusual.

    GAH. This is not a good feeling. I'm trying to just think that it will show up eventually.

    Thanks gingarita!
  5. Hahah Jill, not a bad idea. My husband will be home soon so I'll ask him to help me look. AND I'll tear apart my closet again. It needs to be cleaned out anyway. Thanks!!!:heart:
  6. what about where you took its pics? Could it be somewhere in that area? I know you can't go back more than 60 days on ebay, but look at your FB (recd and left for others) - does any of it look like it would pertain to an MJ bag?

    Also, do you own any bags other than MJ? Maybe its tucked away in the sleeper of another designer??? I've done this before - put two bags in one sleeper (or even a sleeper bag w/a bag inside inside of another sleeper bag). It's got to be somewhere, as I"m sure you would remember selling it (esp if your paypal/bank a/c doesn't show a larger deposit)

    Keep us posted and Good Luck!
  7. ^

    that's a good idea. double check the sleepers. it'll show it when you least expect it, i'm sure. maybe another set of eyes will do the trick.

    my grandmother loses her glasses all the time, and they always have a way of turning up (on her head!) hehe
  8. check all big shoe boxes and shopping bags in your walking closet :smile:
    I'm sure you'll find her soon :smile:
  9. I am sorry to hear that you've misplaced your bag. I am sure you'll locate it soon. Goodluck!
  10. Is it in another closet? I do that sometimes; put it up on a shelf in it's inconspicuous dust bag when I'm changing out my bags and forget that I didn't put it back in it's proper home.

    Good luck in your search!

    Hopefully soon, you will be having a good laugh over this, (after your blood pressure has returned to normal levels). :flowers:
  11. I hope you find your bag! I'm sure it will turn up somewhere... good luck!
  12. Oh Dawn! That bag has to be somewhere in your house. I'm sure you will find it tomorrow since you will have rested eyes and renewed energy. Or maybe you'll awake in the middle of the night and remember where it is. Good luck finding it!!
  13. UPDATE! WOO! When my husband came home last night, I told him that I couldn't find it. He said "did you look in the guest room? Because I remember seeing a bag in there. It's probably buried under the comforter." Just so you know - our guest room has TONS of stuff on the bed right now due to our last vacation. We don't have guests very often. hehe. Anyway, I said I'd look tomorrow (today) and had dreams about the bag ALL NIGHT. haha.

    After I put my contacts in this morning, I went into the guest room, and this time PULLED BACK THE COMFORTER. There she was!!! I had taken pictures of her against the plain white sheet and the comforter covered her up! ha!

    I am so relieved. I knew she had to be around somewhere but I just didn't know where!!!!

    Thanks for all the nice thoughts and encouragement ladies. I love this place.

  14. She was just taking a nap!!:sleepy:
  15. ^

    glad you found the bag Dawn! your husband saved the day! happy ending!