I'm Going to be in the LA Area SEPT 1-3

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  1. I was planning on going to Bev Hills to hit up the LeSportSac store to pick up some Tokidoki pieces I've been dying for.

    But can anybody give me some info on other places in the area that may have what I'm looking for:


    I know I can go to Macy's/Nordies if I just want BV & Gioco...so just to be clear I'm going mostly for Caramella...Am I wrong? Can I find this elsewhere? I'm looking for specific scenes...especially for Spiagga pieces.

    Please give me some of your input Tokidoki fans in LA.

    I'm actually going to be landing in ONT and also planning on going to go to San Diego on the 1st.

  2. Try giving Happy Six a call, they are on Sawtelle just north of Olympic. Give them a buzz to see if they have Caramellas, [SIZE=-1](310) 479-5363.[/SIZE]
  3. There's always JapanLA, Hollywood isn't that far from Beverly Hills. It might be worth it.
  4. The lesportsac store in the Beverly Center no longer carries any tokidoki. The last three prints are dept store and specialty stores only. I was there a couple of days ago and they didn't even have any of the older prints like Spiagga on the floor anymore. I've only found caramellas in the lesportsac store, never in dept stores, so calling around the smaller stores like JapanLA are a good idea to find out who carries them.
  5. I recently emailed the Los Angeles Le Sportsac store for the inventory of their discontinued Tokidoki items and they gave me the phone numbers of all the Le Sportsac outlets in the US. If you are interested in the past collections these locations may have them:

    seattle: 360.654.3520
    woodbury ny: 845.928.3328
    southampton: 631.283.1733
  6. Oshun's (Arcadia) has Tutti and Spiaggia. (wait is that near LA?) Here's what they have. (i got an email)

    Tutti: Giocco, Zucca, and BV
    Spiaggia: Gioco, BV, Luna, Porta, and Stellina
  7. in the beverly center:
    lesportsac - no more toki
    macys - has toki bags
    bloomingdales - no toki
    up against the wall - only toki clothing

    the grove (which isn't that far from the bev center):
    Nordstrom - toki bags, denaros, portatelefonos
  8. hi spacytracy: what print did you see in the denaro from the Nordstrom grove?
  9. waaaa so where can i find caramellas?? online i guess?
  10. DITTO...no toki at BH store but while you are here def go to JapanLA..where in LA will you be visiting?
  11. I believe the town I will be staying at is called Beaumont. I hear there's a nearby outlet mall.
  12. Definitely try HappySix. They had a lot of Tutties when I was there last week. Just google the store name and you can find a more exact address. They are open everyday until 11 pm (even sundays).