I'm going in! Prada leather antic hobo...finally...

  1. I just got back from an incredible vacation and decided it's time for more bags...as if that was an excuse?? :yahoo:

    OK a little late on the bandwagon, but I'm going to get this beauty with hopes she'll be OK a few years down the road. So gorgeous! And for me in our short summer season...completely ideal year 'round :heart: :heart: ;)

  2. ah, the nappa gauffre hobo
  3. Love it... congrats!
  4. Lovely! Congrats..I'm SURE she will still be gorgeous for a long time...the gauffres are incredible...every one of them!! Enjoy it!!:p
  5. yummy!!AWESOME BAG!!!
    Post pics when u get it...
  6. Congratulations.
  7. congrats!